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Unbelievably Hot Digital Careers That’ll Net You Six Figures.

(Akiit.comWe’re used to job market news being bad. For the last twenty years, ever since the Bill Clinton economy of the late 1990s, we’ve lived in a world where wages have essentially remained flat. One reason for this, of course, is increasing globalization. US workers now have to compete in a global market where wages are much lower, pushing down salaries in the US to make them more competitive. Another reason is the increased regulations faced by employers. Put simply: they don’t want to take on new people, meaning millions more drop out of the labor force, again pushing the bargaining power of workers down.

But this story of declining wages isn’t universal. In fact, in some sectors of the Trump economy, wages are going through the roof. And while there are opportunities in sectors like banking and real estate to make a lot of money, the vast majority of new, high-paying jobs are being created in tech.

Analytics Manager

The job of an analytics manager is to collect data that will allow the business to make better decisions. As you can imagine, somebody who is able to interpret data accurately is extremely valuable to companies. Interpreting data allows companies to make better strategic decisions, more accurately target their audience with marketing and come up with products that consumers actually want. To be an analytics manager, you’ll need a data science degree. But if you’ve got one, being in the industry can be very lucrative indeed. The median salary is a whopping $106,000.

Data Architect

Back in 1980, not many people would have predicted that by 2017, the world economy would be crying out for “data architects.” But with the rise of big data, these are precisely the people that large enterprises are begging for. The job of a data architect is essentially to help businesses choose the right models to structure their data. In the world of data science, you can’t just fit the data to any old model – the model has to be correctly specified. Data architects are able to help companies determine the right models so that they can interpret their data correctly. Right now, data architects earn in the region of $113,000.

Data Security Manager

The task of a data security manager is to make sure that a company’s data systems are protected from hackers. Data security managers usually have cybersecurity degrees where they learn the common threats that businesses face. With the rise of Russian hacking of US businesses, as well as snooping by rogue government agencies, companies are investing heavily in shoring up their defenses against these threats and protecting their customers. Demand for cybersecurity experts is still rising, and now median wages have hit more than $115,000 a year.

Software Architect

Software architects aren’t just regular programmers. They’re people who are able to write new code for software that has to fit into complex ecosystems. As a result, they need highly developed specialized skills. Software architects are rare, and so the going rate for one at the moment is more than $128,000 a year, according to Business Insider.

Staff Writer; Gary Harris

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