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Wonderfully Weird Instruments You Must Try.

(Akiit.comWhenever someone decides to learn a musical instrument, they always opt for the classic choices. These are, the guitar, the piano, the flute and that’s pretty much it. That’s why when you go into a music class, ninety percent of people are playing these instruments or possibly the triangle if there’s someone with no musical talent. But instead, you should be thinking of trying something a little more weird and wonderful. We’ve got some ideas that you can consider.

Glass Harmonica

You’ve probably played a harmonica at some point during your life. Often, you’ll find miniature ones when you pull open a Christmas cracker. But did you know there was a larger solid class variation of the same instrument? You don’t play this one using your lips. Instead, you move your fingers across class bowls of different sizes. In doing this, you can create a beautiful and enchanting sound with a variety of different sounds. The disadvantage of an instrument like this is that they are quite delicate and can take a while to master. But you’ll certainly be rewarded with a beautiful noise if you do. You can see one being played on


If you’re thinking about playing the guitar, why not learn how to play the Ukulele instead. Originating in Hawaii, listening to someone play Ukulele, you can’t help but be reminded of a tropical paradise. If you look at a site like, you’ll see there are many different types of ukulele. But they all allow you to create a beautiful melody that sounds almost sweet. They are slightly easier to master than a guitar too because they have fewer strings.

A Didgeridoo

Alternatively, you could embrace the Australian culture and learn to play the didgeridoo. This musical instrument is probably quite well known, but very few people actually know how to play one. Playing didgeridoo is all about controlling your breathing and blowing the air in the right way. While it doesn’t produce that widest variety of tones, it is certainly unique. Even in Australia, it’s quite rare to actually hear one being used.

Mimu Gloves

The mimu gloves are the latest musical instrument, and they are quite fascinating. Music is produced by hand movements, and as you can imagine, it’s quite difficult. By recording different hand movements, you can create beautiful music in a remarkable way. It’s particularly cool because they’ve actually been designed to help people with disabilities enjoy music. The only problem is that they are still in development stages. But in a few years, we’re sure there will be lots of people learning to play with mimu gloves. Have a look at some more info on this fascinating instrument at

Chapman Stick

If you’re looking for something a little more practical, you could think about trying your luck with a chapman stick. This long, thin electric instrument looks a little like the top of a guitar. Noise is made by tapping one or both hands on the string and producing tones. It is quite cool to see it in action, but you’ll need a lot of patience to master playing one.

Do any of these instruments tickle your fancy?

Staff Writer; Steve Hall

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