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9 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Marketing ROI.

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( If you aren’t reaching as much of your market as you should, that’s one reason why your Facebook marketing ROI is going down the drain. Here are a few suggestions on how you could get those numbers to improve:

Publish The Right Content

These days, it’s not enough to simply publish content on a daily basis. If that content isn’t resonating with your followers, then they aren’t going to do a darn bit of good for your business. Find out what your customers respond to. That’s going to help you figure out which posts are shareable and what topics and issues your market base cares about.

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Deliver a Dose of Entertainment

We always say you need to build relevant content. But customers can find whatever information they need online. The Internet has made it convenient for anyone to do their homework. It only takes a single keystroke to listen to royalty free music, watch films, find reviews or buy a book. What can differentiate your pages, though, is to deliver the kind of information your market needs in a way that’s entertaining. That’s why funny, hilarious videos, or those with a strong emotional content, often win at viral marketing. They aren’t really saying anything new, but aside they are delivering content in a way that’s fresh and resonant with . Here’s a funny example from Chatbooks to give you an idea.

Give it Time

Once you have awesome video content you’re just dying to share, post it and give it an entire day to garner traffic through organic traction. Don’t boost them up with paid marketing just yet. 24 hours can be enough time for the post to generate traffic to your site, traffic you didn’t have to pay for.

Diversify Your Content

Keep posting text and images? While there’s no denying that the right line could lead your customers to click on your links or explore your pages, the Social Media Examiner says that video gets about 12000 percent more shares than the other two. If you want to improve your Facebook reach, then don’t just provide text and image content. Change it up with video so you can make the most out of your every post on Facebook.

Repost Viral Posts

If you have posts that went viral, repost one of these every few months or so. That way, those who didn’t get a chance to see it then would get to do so now. This also gives customers, especially those who loved it the first time around, to repost the content and start a new round of likes and shares.

Stream Your Events Live

Live videos are popular. There’s something about engaging with your customers in real-time that brings your relationship with your customers to a whole new level. They could comment right, you could answer right there and then. The engagement is immediate and instant, leaving a strong impression on your consumer base. By doing Facebook livestream through tools like BlueJeans—with the company’s cloud-based software solution—you can increase your traffic and reach by a significant margin. It’s a handy option for when you want to promote a product launch or just want to improve traffic to your pages. If there’s been a slump in your ROI, you could use live video to bring those numbers to life.

Know Your Audience

The best viral videos went viral because they resonated with your market. That’s why it’s crucial to know what your market wants. First thing to know? Find out who they are. If you have low traffic and reach, despite all your best efforts, you could be targeting the wrong market. Evaluate the information you get from Facebook’s algorithm. Use it to determine who your demographic should be.

Stand Out From The Crowd

While Facebook Live is still a relatively new idea for many businesses, that doesn’t mean you can take it easy. If you’re selling coffee, for instance, why not post a video series about coffee lovers? Post a different video about the many different types of coffee drinkers you’ll encounter out there or those who found love while they were drinking coffee. There are plenty of ways for you to incorporate coffee into a ton of mini stories. By the end of each one, the videos should push viewers to go out and buy the coffee beans you sell or click on your site for a fresh batch of orders.

Offer Freebies

Freebies attract consumers like nothing else. Give away discounts, freebie products and even gift cards. That way, you could draw in more customers to your products. In many cases, freebies can serve to attract great interest and attention to your products or services, especially at times when you really need the boost. You don’t have to offer huge discounts, though. Just the thought of a 2 or 5 percent discount is often big enough to get people to click on ‘Buy Now.’

Staff Writer; George Moore

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