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Top Causes Of Back Pain (And Ways To Say Goodbye To It For Good!)

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(Akiit.comWe all have to go through the agony of back pain at least once in our life. And the worst thing about back pain is that we can’t always pinpoint the cause of the pain. Therefore, it can be hard to find a solution without knowing the reason for the pain in the first place. And while some back pain can be harmless, it can be a sign of a more serious problem. And unless you make changes to your life, you could end up looking at having surgery in the future. In fact, here are some top causes of back pain and ways to say goodbye to it for good.

Poor manual handling

If you are working in a role in a warehouse or a retail store, there is a good chance you will have to carry heavy boxes at some point. After all, you might need to move stock out onto the shop floor. Or might need to put heavy items in a van or lorry. And while it might be a compulsory part of your job, you need to make sure you are handling the boxes correctly. After all, if you are not picking them up properly, it could soon lead to a back injury. And then you will end up in a ton of pain. In fact, you might need to have time off as you are unable to move at work. Therefore, to ensure this doesn’t cause you pain, make sure you get some manual handling training. Your company should provide it automatically. But if not, ask them if you could go for some training to ensure you can avoid back pain. After all, they will want to avoid an injury case too! And make sure you listen to the training and stick by what they teach you to avoid an injury.


When back pain becomes overwhelming, there is a chance that you might be suffering from arthritis. In fact, the condition which affects millions of people worldwide can occur as people face old age or after an accident. It can make movement a lot more difficult which can result in pain. One of the most common places it affects is the spine. In fact, if you notice it’s tender when you are moving around, it’s a sign you might have arthritis in this area. You should go to your doctors who will send you for an X-ray. It’s possible that you might need to make some lifestyle changes such as losing weight to help arthritis. And they can often give you medication which can ease the pain too. If you get in a position where you are limited to movement, you might want to take the next step of going for spinal surgery. After all, it can help ease the pain and ensure you are able to move around more on a daily basis.

Bad posture

You might be surprised how many people have poor posture. In fact, they sit badly when they are working in front of their computer. Or they are sitting incorrectly when driving. In fact, a lot of people hunch over their desk or wheel which causes bad back and neck pain. After all, bad posture can put too much pressure on your muscles and cause them to tense up. And if you do nothing about it, it could end up leading to long-term back problems. Therefore, it’s time to ensure you are sitting properly in your chair. You need to sit up straight and ensure the back of the chair is providing support for your back. Also, make sure you are sitting a good distance from your keyboard. That way, you won’t have to hunch forward to type. As for your car, make sure you adjust the seat accordingly so that you can drive in a good position. Otherwise, you are going to be in agony if you have to drive a long distance and you are not sitting correctly. For help with your posture, it’s also worth looking into going to yoga. It can help correct your posture which can eliminate any future backache.

Poor mattress

A lot of us have the same mattress for years. After all, we get comfortable sleeping on the same one in our bed. And we don’t want to pay out for a new mattress. But if you are sleeping on an old mattress, you might find you wake up with a bad back in the morning. After all, it might not be giving you the support you need to stay comfortable in the night. And you might be moving around a lot in the night. Therefore, to ensure you rid the back pain for good, it’s time to get a new mattress. Opt for one which will support your back such as a memory foam mattress. After all, as you hit old age, this can ensure your body is getting the support it needs during the night. And if you need some extra comfort, you could always go for a mattress topper. After all, this can give your back some further support.

Being overweight

When you’re overweight, it’s likely you will have to deal with a number of health problems. For example, you can be at higher risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. But one problem you might face from being overweight is back pain. After all, the extra weight can put too much pressure on your back. And it could be causing your joints to start tensing up, causing you a lot of pain. Therefore, if you want to rid this pain from your life, it’s time to lose some weight. Increase the exercise you are doing which can help to move those muscles and get the blood pumping. In fact, exercise is one of the best solutions if you are dealing with back ache. And ensure you change your diet by increasing your intake of fruit and vegetables, and getting rid of high-fat and sugary foods to make sure you are healthier.

And remember that lower back pain can be an early sign of pregnancy. Therefore, it’s worth doing a test if you are getting this alongside other symptoms such as a missed period.

Staff Writer; Sherry Jones

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