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Republicans Evil just like Democrats.

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( Forget about Democrats and progressives for the moment; they are a worthless, evil lot worthy of scorn. It is the Republicans, however, for whom I reserve my harshest condemnation.

Republicans told us that their “hands were tied” because they did not have a majority in the House of Representatives. In response to the neo-Leninist agenda of Barack Obama, We the People handed Republicans the largest electoral victory in recent history. Then we were told that they could not reverse Obama’s mandated health-care abomination because they (Republicans) did not have the majority in the Senate. We the People responded by giving them the majority in the Senate. In the aftermath of that, we were told “their hands were tied” because Obama would veto any legislation they sent to him to sign. Confronted by unparalleled obstruction by the very Republicans who claimed to have the country’s best interest in mind, we elected the man We the People believe will set America back on the right path.

Have the Republicans encamped around our president and supported him? The answer is an emphatic no. Not only have Republicans not rallied around Republican President Donald Trump, but the abysmal cabal of feckless, craven infidels continue to do their collective best to undermine President Trump at every turn.

They are worse than the vilest Democrats. We expect liberal progressive Democrats to behave as they do, and we expect Republicans to represent the best interest of America and her citizens – instead they embody the worst character traits of Democrats.

If Republicans gave a rat’s tail about America, they would support our duly elected Republican president and would take the requisite steps to protect We the People.

Republican leadership” has become an oxymoron and a pejorative. It is beyond time that We the People held them accountable for their refusal to protect the citizenry.

Republicans are talking out of both sides of their collective mouths as some openly and others secretly hope Robert Mueller, the recently “anointed” special counsel, will invent evidence that results in unseating our president over some mythical breach of protocol involving Russians.

However, there is a deafening cacophony of silence about the safety of We the People. The so-called Republican leadership feigns concern about Russian involvement in the election of Donald Trump, while George Soros funded minions are threatening the lives of those who supported the president.

Left-wing groups are threatening the lives of Donald Trump supporters with impunity. Republican Rep. Tom Garret, R-Va., and his wife received death threats and threats to harm his children because he supports President Trump’s efforts to repeal Obamacare.

Arizona Rep. Martha McSally was repeatedly threatened by Steve Martan who said he would “pull the trigger” when she returned to Arizona and “shoot her between the eyes.” Is it necessary for McSally to become a Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in Tucson, Arizona, in 2011?

Innocent men, women and young people are being threatened and brutally assaulted for the singular reason of supporting President Trump. They are not being threatened and bullied by teachers, professors and bloodied by paid protesters because of a loss of benefits or unemployment; they are being targeted solely because they support our president. Where is the Republican outrage? Where are the Republican demands to hold George Soros responsible for funding groups that advocate violence? Why are they not treating Soros like the Klu Klux Klan was treated when it was advocating violence against blacks? So-called Republican leadership is silent as we witness the assault on free speech on university campuses.

We elected Republicans to a job, and implicit in that job is the commitment to keep Americans safe. We need them to take aggressive steps to punish those who are funding anarchist groups that are threatening violence and committing acts of violence against people because of whom they support. But apparently, Republicans are only interested in unseating President Trump and punishing We the People for electing him.

Just as we in massive numbers went to the polls and elected Donald Trump, we must turn out to defeat and punish Republicans for allowing We the People to be harmed.

Does the so-called Republican leadership want America to return to the type of rule we suffered under Obama? Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was never this antagonistic to Obama. Republicans have turned on us, treating us as we would expect Democrats to do.

George Soros is a factually greater threat to America than the absurd claims that President Trump and his administration are secretly working with the Russians. And yet Soros goes uninvestigated and unpunished as he arrogantly funds open anarchy in the streets and the election of those sworn to deconstruct America.

Columnist; Mychal Massie

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