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Low Impact Hobbies To Keep You Active After Retirement.

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(Akiit.comAs we age our bodies do naturally slow down a bit, but that doesn’t mean to say we can’t enjoy an active lifestyle in the later years of our life. Exercise is incredibly important for both body and mind, so it’s certainly not something you should give up just because you’re no longer working. If anything, you should be thinking of upping your exercise! After retirement your body of course won’t be as strong and resilient as it once was, so its important to find exercises that work for you. Go with low impact hobbies, and it won’t put you at risk of injuries such as strains, tears or broken bones. Here are a few to consider.


Most popular with men, but that’s not to say women can’t enjoy a game too! You do plenty of walking when you play golf, and you exercise both your arms and legs when you swing the club. You could play a full game on a golf course, or go to the driving range and practice your technique there which is still fantastic exercise. There are even golf simulators which allow you to practice from home; take the Optishot golf simulator for example. They give you feedback on how to improve your swing, so you’re ready for your next game on the course.


Swimming uses every muscle in your body, but without putting strain on your joints. It’s ideal for improving fitness as it works the cardiovascular system while sculpting and toning the body. While swimming is a fantastic workout it’s still fun, and laps up and down a pool don’t feel anywhere near as strenuous as running on a treadmill! Have a look online where your local pool is and find out when public swimming times are. When you’re retired, many places offer a concessionary discount meaning you don’t have to pay full price.


Yoga is good for those of all fitness levels, as you can start small and work your way up. It strengthens the body and also improves flexibility. This is beneficial as having a greater range of motion means you’re less likely to sustain an injury with other activities. Since it teaches the art of mindful thinking, yoga is also good for the mind too and has been shown to be useful in those suffering from anxiety and depression. If you already suffer from aches and pains, relaxing and stretching your muscles can do you the world of good. Some places will do a special class for seniors so no need to worry about not being able to keep up with the group.


Simply going on walks is ideal exercise. It’s free, low impact and doesn’t require any special equipment. You could stroll around local parks and take your dog for a walk, or you could explore your local area and challenge yourself with different terrain. If your fitness levels are already quite good, choose somewhere quite hilly which will allow you to push yourself and really feel it in your legs, heart, and lungs! Walking helps to keep the lower body strong, and even tones the core and your arms too.

Staff Writer; Gary Poole

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