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Smash The Job Interview: The Only Checklist You Need.

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(Akiit.comAll of us at some point in our lives will face a gruelling job interview. It might be your first job, a career promotion or even a change of career entirely. Whatever the reason, they always seem to be overwhelming, no matter how much confidence you have. However, there is a way to ensure that you secure the interview you want and smash it when the time comes. I thought it was time to share with you the only checklist you will need to smash the interview and land the role.

Work hard on your resume

One of the first steps anyone takes in order to secure an interview for a new job role is sending out their resume. So before you do that go over it with a fine-tooth comb and make sure it is completely up to date. It might be worth your while to add in your latest job history, as well as update any opening paragraphs and even contact details. These can change in time, so make sure everything is up to date. It may also be worthwhile to tailor your resume to the job role you are trying to get. Ensuring you highlight job experience and skills relevant to the job you are interested in. Making sure you do this for each type of job would give yourself an advantage against someone else who may just send their standard resume.

Consider your past and right any wrongs

Everyone has a past and we can all make mistakes at times, however, in some cases, these past mistakes can hinder our future. Having financial issues or even being made bankrupt can stop you obtaining certain jobs within certain sectors. A criminal record, even if adequate time has passed, can also hinder your chances without even being given the opportunity to explain yourself. This is why record expungement could be worth thinking about. It’s important to recognise your mistake, but also if you have paid your dues, you won’t want it to dampen your chances of a brighter more prosperous future.

Don’t forget the covering letter

When sending your resume, make sure it goes with a covering letter outlining your desire to be considered for an interview. This shows initiative and also can highlight skills and attributes you have before reading the resume.

Research the company your interview is with

Once you get your interview spend some time researching the company it is with. Look out for their company ethos and straplines, and even their company code of conduct. Read their website and learn their products and pricing structures. Giving examples of this throughout the interview will show your willingness to learn and your desire to work for the company. It could also give you a leading edge against any other competition for the job.

Prepare in advance for any obvious questions

There will always be obvious questions that will be asked throughout an interview. Perhaps why you want the job in the first place or even questions about your previous job history. These are things you can prepare in advance and workout the right way to answer such questions. Ensuring you show yourself off in the best light and answer them informatively. You could ask friends or family to ask you the questions and word them differently so that you can be well-prepared in time for the job interview.

Think about your appearance on the day

Your appearance is just as important as your resume and how you answer interview questions. A first impression can often be the only impression you get to make so ensure it counts. Think about the clothes you wear and how you personally present yourself on the day. Make sure you have a smart appearance. For more help on what to wear check out some websites online.

Sell yourself

There is a fine line between being modest and being overconfident. Try and find a fine line where you can still sell yourself and your skills, without appearing over the top. Confidence is a great attribute, but equally, people can be put off by an overconfident manner. You want to appeal to your potential new employer.

Don’t be late

Finally, don’t be late. This can be a huge black mark against you when it comes to punctuality. Try and ensure that you give yourself plenty of travel time so you are not rushed and can easily travel to the interview. If you are using public transport, then check times and delays online on the day to ensure you are well prepared.

I hope these tips help you smash your next job interview.

Staff Writer; Carla James


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