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Seven Coaching Questions to Boost Your Chance of Achieving ANY Goal.

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(Akiit.comWe are halfway through the year already and it is a perfect time to check in on your goals and make adjustments that can empower you to make this year an especially powerful one. By asking the right questions, you can coach yourself. These seven questions, based on research from the field of applied positive psychology, will help you set the right goal and troubleshoot your challenges on the way to the goal:

1. What are your three most important values?

Research shows we are more likely to stick with goals when they revolve around our values. Values are basically the concepts and principles you feel are most important. It is what you value. For example, one of my values is freedom. Early in my career I knew I wanted to have my own business because I wanted the freedom to be able to pursue my passion and create my own schedule. What are your three most important values?

2. What goal would best reflect those values?

Once you clarify your values, think about the goal you want to set and ask yourself, “What goal would best reflect what I value?” If you’ve set a goal that does not reflect your values at all, it is a clue and cue for you to drop the goal. If the goal partly reflects your values, you have an opportunity right now to tweak it so that it more fully represents what matters most to you. In doing so, you make your goal more meaningful and increase the likelihood you will persevere until you reach it.

3. What are the quantifiable signs that I’ve reached my goal?

You’ve probably heard this before, but it is worth repeating: Your goal should be very specific. For example, “I’m going to lose weight” is vague. A specific version of that goal could be, “I’m going to lose a pound a week for the next five months.” That’s a goal you can measure at a pace that feels doable. It actually becomes about you changing small habits consistently. When you get specific about your goal, you can get very specific about what you need to do in order to achieve it.

4. What skill do I need to acquire in order to be able to reach my goal?

If your goal is big enough, there is a good chance that the reason you haven’t reached it is that you don’t fully have the skill set yet. That’s OK! Acquiring the skills becomes a goal that helps you reach your goal. I specifically use the word “acquire” rather than “learn” because sometimes you actually need to learn the skills personally and sometimes you need to find someone who already possesses the skill who can help you reach your goal. If you have the resources, you might actually hire someone to help you with the goal, you might partner with someone, or it might just be a conversation with someone who understands what it takes to get there. Be honest with yourself about the skillset that you need to be able to reach the goal.

5. What is my game plan for handling a setback on my way to the goal?

On the way to your goal, you will have setbacks. There will be disappointments. There may be failures along the way. And if you have a game plan in advance for how to handle it, 1) it’s not a surprise because you’ve already planned for it, and 2) you already know what to do. Think ahead and ask yourself now, how will I handle a setback so that I bounce back quickly and keep moving forward?

6. Who is the best person(s) to give me feedback on my methods and my progress?

Sometimes it feels hard to get feedback, but it’s necessary for success. Have someone who can objectively look at your work and your progress, and can say, “Hey, I’ve been there, I’ve done that. Here’s what will work.” It will shorten the timeframe for you to get to your goal. Iron sharpens iron, so if you have people around you who understand the process, let them help you.

7. What is an alternative path to my goal?

Sometimes we really get stuck in insisting that the goal has to happen in a certain way. Be willing to be flexible. The path that you laid out might not be the path that was meant to be. Be open to having an alternative path if the path that you’ve been pursuing is not working. Don’t be rigid. Be flexible and creative, and sooner than you realize, you’ll arrive at your finish line.

My challenge to you this week:

Revisit your biggest goal of the year and ponder these seven questions.

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