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Teachers: You Have A Lot More Mobility Than You Think.

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(Akiit.comEducating our young people is important. However, if you’re a teacher, it’s not unheard of that you might start looking at diversifying your career. Perhaps you need a different environment but you feel boxed in by your current career. You should be glad to hear that you might have much more mobility in your career. You can still be involved in education without having to teach the same people in the same environment.

Keep your eyes ahead

If it’s a certain subject or method of teaching that you’re not feeling is a fit for you anymore, then the best way to grow your career is to focus on future-proofing it. Becoming adaptable and learning to move ahead with tech and new teaching methods can help you further specialize your career. You can look into specializing in teaching those with special needs, as well. Speech therapy, teaching children with learning disability and other specializations can offer you a way into a different educational space.

Broaden your horizons

You also might have the ability to teach in a much broader geographical scope than you imagine. Combining your current educational experience with methods of teaching English to speakers of other languages is easier than trying to teach English from a non-educational background, yet people from all sorts of backgrounds get roles doing just that. It might mean travelling abroad and living halfway across the world for those of you wanting to truly experience another culture. But it can also mean helping to teach English to non-native speakers on home soil, helping other disadvantaged groups have a better chance of acclimating.

Change your demographic

You don’t necessarily have to teach in the traditional educational environment, either. Plenty of teachers go on to become tutors, working privately and often being well-compensated for it. If pay is your concern, then moving into the private sector could be the idea for you. It’s not just what you teach but how you teach that makes you valuable. Those skills can easily be applied in the world of business through a career in corporate training and team building. Whether it’s teaching skills to individuals in a company as part of their development staff or working as a consultant, educators are needed by people of all ages.

Take a backseat

Teaching can burn a person out; many understand that risk well. But if you still truly love the world of education, you can play a role that doesn’t involve standing before class. Making the transition from teacher to educational consultant allows you to steer the conversation of education, of growing practices and technology implementation in a much broader route. Some people even feel like they can influence the results of education better from behind the scenes than in the classroom.

Whether you want to work elsewhere, with different people, or in a different capacity, your experience as a teacher can open a lot of doors to new careers. Just look out for the opportunities and the skills you might need to build to take them.

Staff Writer; Harry Moore

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