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The Perfect Christian Car.

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( If you are a Christian, you try to live your life in a moral and righteous manner. This means you probably are not interested in driving a flashy car that attracts an abundance of attention. Nor are you interested in driving a vehicle that fails to provide extensive utility. This is precisely why the best vehicle for a Christian is a fuel-efficient truck.

Every Christian Should Appreciate the Utility and Practicality of a Truck

Those who are strong in faith are usually quite active in their community as employees, business owners, volunteers and all sorts of other roles. You need a truck to transport goods, equipment and people from one part of town to another. In this case, you may want to know who gives the best driving directions MapQuest, Yahoo or Google. Perhaps you are interested in transporting food and clothes donations to or from your church. Maybe you would like to drive a crew of volunteers to a local cleanup site, church services or other happenings related to your faith. A diminutive two-door sedan or sports car won’t suffice. You need a spacious truck with ample cargo space and plenty of seating.

Trucks are all about function over form. They do not attract attention like sports cars or other visually loud automobiles. Trucks are fairly plain and centered on getting things done. However, they are also quite powerful thanks to their robust engines. If you are caught speeding in your new truck, you can have the penalties reduced by attending a defensive driving course. This experience will help you drive as safely as possible, keep your auto insurance rate in check and even reduce the points on your driver’s license.

Fuel Efficiency Matters to True Christians

Do not buy any old truck simply because it is spacious and powerful. True Christians are genuinely concerned with the health of the planet as well as their fellow human beings. Your truck should provide excellent fuel efficiency to reduce the strain on the environment’s finite fossil fuel supply. As technology improves, more and more trucks provide a fuel economy that matches that of some sedans and coupes. So, don’t opt for a gas guzzler just because it looks nice and has a monster of an engine.

Consider the impact of your truck on our increasingly sensitive environment before making the purchase. It is our duty to preserve the planet’s integrity for future generations of human beings. God created this beautiful planet and entrusted us to protect it. Do not let him down by ignoring your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. If everyone opted for a fuel-efficient vehicle, our planet would have significantly less pollution, plenty of fossil fuels to go around and cheaper gas prices.

Examples of Fuel-efficient Trucks for Christians

Plenty of modern day trucks are surprisingly fuel efficient. Consider the new Nissan Frontier with rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission. It provides 21 combined mpg with 23 mpg on the highway. The Honda Ridgeline provides 26 mpg on highways and an overall 22 combined mpg. Ford’s new F-150 is quite fuel efficient. If you choose the 2WD version and your truck will provide a combined 22 mpg with 26 mpg on highways and 19 mpg in urban environments. The new Toyota Tacoma offers 24 combined mpg.

The leaders of the class are the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado. When purchased in the 2WD trim, these spacious trucks provide 30 mpg on highways, 22 mpg in urban spaces and a combined 25 mpg. Select the 4WD configuration and these trucks still provide excellent fuel efficiency: 28 mpg on highways, 20 mpg in cities and a combined 23 mpg.

Staff Writer; Carla Ford

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