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Is Self Help Enough? When To Ask For More Support.

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(Akiit.comWhether the self-realization of addiction has slowly crept up on you over the years or whether it has been like a bolt out of the blue, the fact that you are now ready to address your issues deserves acknowledgment and credit. The journey that you have chosen to embark upon will not be easy and will almost definitely have its ups and down, but if you are truly willing to change your life for the better, you can achieve a future of sobriety. You may be addicted to alcohol, drugs or gambling. The vice is not the focus, it is the mindset that enables you to have a vice in the first place. The addictive aspect of your personality has taken hold, but you are now strong enough to fight back against your impulsiveness.

You may be nervous, fearful and full of self-doubt regarding your next steps. You may feel alone and unworthy of help. Try to banish these thoughts and realize that you have made a huge leap forward in your road to recovery. Take a look at this advice to help guide you through these early stages of rehabilitation.

You Are Brave

The action of asking for help shows a massive amount of courage. Very few actions show a greater amount of bravery than admitting that you have an addiction and want to seek professional help to rid you of your vices.

Your addiction will take away your self-esteem, self-worth, and pride and will instill feelings of shame and hopelessness. These emotions are natural and can feel never-ending, but with the right support at a treatment center such as Arista Recovery, you will see these feelings replaced by a sense of pride, achievement, and hope.

Don’t Continue Your Isolation

The chances are that, as an addict, you actively chose to remove yourself from your social circle and loosened the ties with your family to dedicate all of your time to alcohol, drugs or gambling. Now that you are eager to sever the bond with your vice, it’s vital that you make contact with the people that you never stopped loving or caring about.

Pick up the phone, send them a text or drop them an email. Address your problems with them and tell them that you are seeking help and that you would appreciate their support on your journey. Your true friends will be there for you and will enable you to form a vital support network. If you need to talk, they will listen. If you need to vent, they will absorb your anger. As they embark on this journey with you, they will begin to understand your addiction and be able to help you more effectively when you need their support.

Seek Professional Guidance

When you are ready, research potential rehabilitation avenues. Take your time and find the most suitable recovery center that addresses your needs. Think about the treatment programs that they offer, whether the care is fully residential and whether you will have the specialists you require to help you through your addiction recovery.

When you enter a rehab facility, it is imperative that you are honest and give a full account of your problems. By being open and transparent, you are letting go of your past and welcoming a brighter future. As you begin to open up and talk, you will feel physically and mentally lighter and healthier. The bleak outlook will be replaced by a more hopeful one, and you will strive to create a more positive future for yourself.

The road to recovery will not be all plain sailing. There will be some hard truths that you will need to address as well as facing the root cause of your addiction. Only by confronting your demons, will you be able to relinquish them and move forward.

When you have completed a rehabilitation program, you are not left to fend for yourself in society alone. Your support network of friends and family will be a source of strength as well as the professionals that you encountered when in treatment. You will have gained a toolkit to fall back on should times get tough, and having asked for help once, you know that you will be able to ask for help again if you need it.

Self-help strategies can work up until a point with addiction, but fundamentally you will need professional help to rid you of your addiction once and for all. By asking for this help, you are demonstrating your willingness to change, and you should be congratulated and applauded for taking the first step on your road to recovery.

Staff Writer; Carla Champion

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