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2 Huge Car Buying Misconceptions.

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(Akiit.com) If you’re soon to be buying a brand new car, it’s a good idea to learn about some of the biggest car buying misconceptions out there at the moment. These misconceptions throw a lot of people off when searching for a new car for them. Take a look and find out for yourself what the 2 biggest misconceptions are:

You Can Use A Secret Plan To Trick The Car Salesman

Trust us when we say that the car salesman has seen it all. Any scheme or ploy you can come up with has probably already been done in the past. Some people act like they aren’t really interested and will pretend to walk away on a deal, but this happens more than you think. Things will usually go much better for you if you make your interest in the car known, and if you make it clear that you’re a responsible, serious buyer.

Paying Cash Will Get Me A Better Deal Than Leasing Or Financing
If you have the money to buy a car outright and it’s totally within your means, then you can definitely pay cash and get a good deal. However, it isn’t the only way, and it doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best deal. It can totally depend on how much profit the dealership are getting if you choose to finance the car and how they set your paperwork up. Usually, if you pay cash, the dealership makes less profit on the sale. This could lead to them giving better incentives to lease or finance a vehicle.

Find out which option is best for you in the infographic below.

credit to auto.loan

Staff Writer; Peter Ford

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