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( Don’t be dismayed or bamboozled about the latest news or the newest controversial tweet or statement from Donald Trump, focus on remaining sane amidst the feverish daily assaults on our psyches by the mind control apparatus owned and operated by the 1%’s corporations. Don’t fall for the narrative promoting “unity” under the auspices of disguised global white supremacy. Don’t be afraid because of the storms, fires, earthquakes, shootings or man’s cruelty to man, the end is not near, this too shall pass.

Don’t despair about the seeming craziness happening all around us this is part of a deliberate attempt to drive us mad by the ruling class. “This current two party system seems to breed psychopaths in abundance. Psychopaths habitually offer excuses for their reckless and often outrageous actions, placing blame on others instead of themselves. In addition to just being psychopaths, they often have narcissistic personality disorder. They are known for ‘gaslighting’ their victims, which is a type of brainwashing which can involve convincing a mentally healthy person that they are going insane or that their understanding of reality is false. They rarely learn from their mistakes or benefit from negative feedback, and they have difficulty inhibiting their impulses. I would say that’s 85% of the American population, indeed!” Do Psychopaths Rule TheUS? (my underline emphasis).

Begin to take control over your consciousness and actions, be mindful and deliberate about what you read, think about, buy and engage in. Minimize your media consumption or begin to watch listen to or read inspirational materials, alternative media that exposes the mendacity and deceit of the corporate media and that offer healthy models and methods of human interaction instead of the competitiveness, conflict and disrespect of the fake “reality shows”. It is all fake contrived and illusionary designed to give us a counterfeit sense or reality, manipulate our behavior and mold our way of being. Don’t fall for their okey-doke. Mainstream news focuses on the most violent most decadent and unusual events many of which are staged by PR firms, governments and corporations for their own agenda.

Learn what the ruling class is doing to us and then live your life in such a way as to minimize their goals and agenda. “The mass media, in one form or another, tend to be a focal point for a significant portion of most people’s day. As independent citizens we consciously elect to purchase cable, Internet, and newspaper (print or online) subscriptions so that we can engage in whichever way we choose with the services the media provide. As a result, the mass media wield a considerable amount of power and influence on us as a society in terms of our decision-making, and our spending. They assist, though some may argue they direct, us in making meaning of signs and events, and determining our political affiliations amongst a host of other decisions.

A study of media, politics, economics, corporations, and what their roles are in creating a dense concentration of ownership, which this study does to varying degrees, is ultimately rooted in cultural studies. The work of Stuart Hall, Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault, Karl Marx, and the Frankfurt School theorists play a Collusion(in(Oligopolistic(U.S.(Media 10 significant role in analyzing the issue of media ownership because of the power and class relationships involved, as well as the media’s power to create meaning and influence society.”  THE PROPAGANDA MODEL: CORPORATE AND POLITICAL COLLUSION IN THE CREATION OF AN OLIGOPOLISTIC MAINSTREAM U.S. MEDIA Master’s Thesis by Frank McCloy December 2012

Start viewing the media television, cable, streaming, newspapers, magazines and the Internet with suspicion, be consciously skeptical about their content, be discerning and make up your own mind about what is going on and do not blindly follow anyone!

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