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Just the Two of Us: Travel Tips for Single Parents.

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(Akiit.com) Plenty of single parents want to give their kids the ‘family vacation’ experience. It’s the reason single moms and dads head to a number of popular destinations, just like any other family. Here’s a range of tips for those who are about to embark on a journey with their son or daughter in tow.

Flying with Children

Some kids can be hesitant to get on a plane or feel anxious once in the air. Get a feeling as to how your child may react to a short or long plane ride and possible turbulence. Also, get familiar as to what pieces of identification you’ll need to board. It’s best to check-in online and do all to avoid waiting in line at the airport. Choose the family security lines since they are usually shorter. Once you get off the plane at your destination, make it easier on yourself by arranging for a shuttle, taxi, or Uber to take you to your hotel.

Staying with Children

Kids are used to their home base, and while the notion of staying in another place could sound exciting, if it’s not suitable for young ones, it’s going to make the stay more stressful on you. Research the Orlando resorts, or resorts wherever you are planning to vacate, before booking the room or rooms. Ensure that accommodations are befitting to your child’s liking and there are enough amenities at your Renaissance Marriott to make it a comfortable stay away from home. If you’re looking for a budget friendly place to stay with all the amenities you need, apartments for rent in Rockford, IL is perfect for you.

Choose the Setting

You can search online for deals and resorts that target single parents. Otherwise, be mindful in choosing the setting for your next vacation. For example, going to Saigon during the Lunar New Year invites the opportunity to meet a lot of other people and engage in many activities. If you’re more of an introvert, you may want to stay away from large crowds and major cities, opting to take your child on an island getaway or cruise.

Get a Letter

Some urge single parents get a letter of consent from the other parent if traveling abroad with children under the age of 18. Technically, you should be allowed as long as nothing seems amiss and you have updated documentation, yet you could be detained without a letter if Customs and Border Patrol decide upon it.

Stay Focused on Being Together

There are tons of travel options, but your kids only have one mom and dad. Don’t lose focus on what matters most – being together. Don’t fret about filling your days with trips to the museum or seeing every tourist attraction. Be together and experience what it’s like to be in another place with your child or children.

Find Other Adults or Alone Time

It’s okay to yearn for some adult conversation and even enjoy an adult beverage with a companion. Once the kids are asleep or occupied and looked after, find a bit of time to conversate and mingle with other singles and adult couples. Alternatively, you may want to use that time to be by yourself and reenergize.

Staff Writer; Doug Moore

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