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Healthy Eating Made Easier.

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( Healthy eating shouldn’t be a chore. It should be something we not only enjoy, but something we appreciate will make us healthy and happy both now and in the future. These tips should help you to make healthy eating as easy as possible:

Meal Prep

Meal prepping takes a little time, but it’ll stop you from reaching for the donuts at work or snacking mindlessly in front of the TV. Have real food on hand to cook when you need it. Take tupperware to work with you, keep healthy snacks in your bag, and have healthy frozen meals that you’ve pre-made in the freezer. Set aside a few hours a week for this and you’ll feel so much better.

Don’t Be Too Strict

While eating well as often as possible is important, being too strict usually causes people to go on a binge because they are depriving themselves. Allow yourself a treat so your diet is balanced. Opt for an 80/20 approach.

Grow Your Own

Growing your own fruit, herbs, and vegetables is a highly satisfying hobby, not to mention a real money saver. Imagine how great it would be to be able to head out to your garden and pick some fresh coriander or squash when you needed it? It’s a good idea to start small and build your way up if you’re new to this. Once you’ve started, you might just find a hobby that you want to stick to for life!

The infographic below can give you some useful information on healthy fall foods and when they should be harvested:

credit to AlgaeCal’s Best Fall Foods Infographic

Staff Writer; Bobby Shaw

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