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Top-Rated Beds to Improve Your Health.

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(Akiit.com) When it comes to your health, you must make sure you take all the right decisions. You have to know how to eat clean, how to exercise, and most importantly, how to sleep. We spend one-third of our lives resting, and most of the time, we do so in a comfy bed, but comfort is not everything. For a healthy spine and a general good state of health, you need to consider a lot more when you’re choosing the bed.

Buying a new bed requires commitment and an important investment in money and time (for research), so below I listed the best types of beds to consider.

The Memory Foam Bed

Memory foam is very popular in this niche of products and for good reasons. Such a bed comes with a wide range of great features such as:

Almost perfect support for the spine for side sleepers (over 41% of the world population).

No movement transfer – the foam absorbs most of the movement, so if your partner moves a lot during sleep, it won’t bother you as well.

Perfectly accommodates the body – high-density foam is also very responsive and this allows for the mattress to mould according to the shape of your body. Also, as you move, the foam moves with you, allowing you to change the sleeping position without any problems.

Great body weight distribution – memory foam distributes your weight across the entire surface and eliminates pressure points that can lead to back pain (in time).

If you wish to find out more about online mattress be sure to check out Yinahla.

Still, it also has some cons you must consider before purchase. First, high-quality memory foam beds are quite expensive. Second, there are many low-quality memory foam beds out there, but these tend to sleep hot and give that stuck in sand feeling that so many people hate. Finally, the low-density foam isn’t durable and it will break down after 5 years of wear and tear.

Now, if you’re not sure on which memory foam to buy, but you really want one, I found some great reviews and ideas on trymattress.com – best rated lists of mattresses.

Innerspring or Coils

These continue an old tradition of beds and come with increased durability and great support. These beds are usually extra comfy and offer both a firm surface and a cozy sensation with good air flow during the night.

On the cons side, these are heavy and difficult to maneuver. This means that, once you installed the bed, it should stay in one place until you need to replace it. Another thing you might not like that much is the movement transfer – coils and springs transfer movement from one sleeping person to another. This makes sleeping beside a person who moves a lot in their sleep quite difficult.

Organic Materials

These are usually in the luxury category but if you have the budget, you should take a peek. The best organic materials for sleeping are latex, wool and feathers, but you can find more exotic fibers as well.

The main advantage with these beds is that they don’t have any chemicals in their composition and regulate our body temperature in a natural way.

Since these are natural fibers, they are also less prone to gathering allergens (dust, pollen, dust mites, fungi, mold, and so on) which make them great hypoallergenic beds. Still, you should also consider the sleeping position you favor as not all materials are a good fit for all.

Overall, there’s a wide range of options for your new bed – you just have to take your time and do a bit of research before taking the decision to buy anything.

Staff Writer; Karl Parker

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