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Common Hazards: Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy.

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(Akiit.comHuman beings are the smartest animals on the planet, but we’re also the dumbest. No wonder the Darwin Award even become a part of the culture and societal slang. We do often do the stupidest things even if we don’t mean to. Unpredictability is one of the reasons why we head into situations that we know may be fraught with danger but leaves enough room be rewarding. Some of the most common hazards in life could be easily avoided if we just took better care of our surroundings.

Normally such events won’t be fatal, but even something like slipping on your own front porch due to the steps being covered in ice happens all the time. Not many people will inform you of such basic things in life and preparing to avoid them. However when you get hurt, and you’re lying in the hospital, and you need to pay a large bill, suddenly it stops being funny.

Household equipment injuries

The majority of injuries that happen to men are at work and home. Both places are where men work a lot and do their fair share of physical labor. At work, it may be on a construction site where you’re extra careful, but at home, we get all too comfortable with high-powered tools. When mowing the lawn, before you get started to make sure any and all rocks and stones are picked up and moved out of the way. The lawnmower blades can become loose or shear off when hitting a stone and fly off like shrapnel. Clearing the gutters, especially during the colder months is another time some horrific injuries can occur. Mainly, you should put rubber ending on the ladder, so it doesn’t slip off your house exterior wall and or wet grass.

Don’t trust others with your safety

Life is always a game of precaution. In modern society, trust is a value held near and dear not just in communities. Trusting others that are strangers to be involved with you at some point in your life should be met with a little trepidation. For example, if you’re getting your brakes fixed or new ones fitted to your car at a garage, don’t drive away when the work is done. Test the brakes yourself and take your time doing it. If you get hurt, you’re going to head down the road of a personal injury claim.

However, if you read these personal injury facts you can see that insurance companies may pay up, but they’re not your friend. If they can prove that you were negligent and allowed another person to put you in harm’s way, the insurance company may undervalue your claim. This means you may have to scrounge up a portion of the hospital bills yourself. Don’t trust others with your safety and you’ll avoid such silly and common hazards.

Being your own worst enemy doesn’t have to play out actively. It’s something subconscious that morphs out in the form of negligence and uncalculated risk taking. Even common household injuries can be life-threatening if you don’t take care of yourself. Be wary of yourself and others to not be a detriment to your health.

Staff Writer; Lisa Jones

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