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Ways A Cell Phone Can Affect Your Business: The Pros & Cons.

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(Akiit.comCell phones have completely revolutionized the world of communication, and the everyday lives of the people on Earth, so it should be no surprise that it’s affecting the world of business too. There is a large range of different tools and apps available to you, all of which can be downloaded fairly quickly, and all of which have the power to affect your business in one way or another. Some businesses rely on cell phones every single day, whereas other ask that cell phones aren’t  out at work. If you’re not sure what stance to take with your business, then read the pros and cons below.

Pro – Better Communication

Cell phones were invented to be a tool for communication, so it’s no wonder that they can improve the communication within your business. Simply being able to call clients, customers, and employees no matter where you are is convenient enough, but cell phones offer other tools of communication, like emails, instant messaging, and social media. This makes it so much easier to deal with customer queries, answer client’s questions, and communicate and organize events with your staff.

Pro – More Organized Business

Like with communication, there are so many tools that can help your business become more organized; Simply being able to communicate easier with others will allow you to organize meeting and events a lot quicker and easier. You can also markdown meetings and events on your calendar so that you don’t forget them, and can write to-do lists in your notes or on an app, and can check tasks as they’re completed so that you don’t forget anything. You can also be more organized with getting to work or meetings, as maps and public transport apps will be able to show you the quickest and easiest routed to take.

Con – Plenty Of Distractions

You might like to dominate the realm in FFXV A New Empire while you’re at home in the evening, but during the day, while you’re at work, you really shouldn’t be playing games. As great as your cell phone may be in business, you can’t escape the fact that they can also be a huge distraction. It’s not just games that you have to worry about either; There is also social media, instant messaging, music, books, and anything else that you can download or find online. If you allow your employees (and yourself) to use a phone at work, then you might need to set some rules on how that phone should be used during working hours.

Pro – Advertising & Marketing

As a business, one of the most important investments that you can make is investing in better marketing and advertising. However, depending on the strategy that you use, you might not even have to spend large amounts of money. Social media can easily be used as a tool for marketing, and, if you do it yourself, it doesn’t even have to cost anything. As long as you’re running your social media accounts well, and are providing useful information, your followers are sure to increase, so your customers will also increase.

Pro – Better Customer Service

One of the most annoying things about large businesses is that their customer service helplines are very rarely helpful, and you’re passed from one recorded message to another. If your customer service helpline is your business cell number, you can answer your customer’s questions and respond to their complaints instantly, which shows that you care about them. The same theory applies to messaging over social media. If a customer feels that you care about them, they are much more likely to return to your business and recommend you to others.

Con – You’re Always Working

When you can answer work emails, messages, and calls at home, it can be hard to drag yourself away from business. Unfortunately, if you’re working when you’re supposed to be at home, you’ll find that it’s harder to concentrate while you’re at work and that you don’t really want to be there, so your productivity will decline. To stop this from happening, you need to try to stop yourself from answering work calls or going on work-related apps while you’re at home.

As you can see, the advantages of cell phones in business greatly outweigh the disadvantages, but that doesn’t mean that you should jump in feet first. The negatives of cell phones in business are big ones, so before you make cell phones a large part of your business, you need to think of ways to reduce the negatives.

Staff Writer; Doug Smith

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