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Top Ways to Be Happier at Work.

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(Akiit.comIf you have ever heard anyone describe the offices of Google, then you may be thinking to yourself how much of a cool place it is to work. Free food, games rooms, and just a general environment that creates a place for creativity, thinking, and play. But sadly, we can’t all work for Google. But do you know what, it is still very possible to enjoy your workplace, and make it a good environment to be in, regardless of who you work for. Not convinced? Here are some ways that you can be happier in your workplace.

Choose To Be Happy

I know, it can sound easier said than done. But happiness is largely a choice. Our circumstances and environment can have an impact, for sure. But our reaction to them has a lot to do with ourselves. Even if you have a boss that is pretty hard work, you can still be happy at work. Dwell and focus on the things that you like about your job. Have an attitude of positivity and avoid office gossip and being around the more negative people. What you choose at work will largely be the experience that you have. So choose a positive one!

Create a Safe Environment

Of course, there should be certain things that your employer should be doing to make sure that you are kept safe in the workplace. But you can also take extra steps to make sure that you are kept safe and well in the workplace, otherwise you might have to look for a lawyer with extensive experience for personal injury experience. Reporting anything that is broken is important, as well as smaller things like keeping a decluttered work surface to reduce the number of fire hazards, for example. You can take charge of the area around you and make sure that it is safe, as well as monitoring our health to avoid spreading germs to others. When you’re safe and healthy, you’ll feel much happier at work.

Take Charge of Your Development

If you are regularly thinking to yourself that you need to look for another job because your boss isn’t pushing you, then it is time to start doing something about it. You don’t necessarily have to change job, but it isn’t always up to your boss. So think about what you can do to further your development. Instead of waiting for your boss to get in touch with you, arrange a meeting with them and tell them of your plans. More often than not, they’ll be happy to sign off on this kind of thing; they just don’t always have time to come up with the ideas themselves as they have a whole team to be looking after.

Ask For Feedback

Similar to not feeling like your career is progressing, then you should also be asking your boss for feedback. Often, you will hear about it if it is negative feedback, as more often than not something will need to be looked at. But they will have positive feedback for you too, they might just not have time or remember to tell you. Hopefully, your boss does find time for you. But if not, make time for them and schedule a meeting. When you know how you’re doing at work, both good and bad, then it can help your happiness at work as it can help you to progress and develop.

Keep Commitments

One of the biggest stressors for people is time management and being able to fit everything in. So if you feel like you’d be unable to keep a commitment, then simply don’t make it. Feeling like you’re failing and not being able to meet deadlines or other commitments, even social ones, can make your stress levels soar! You’re not going to feel happier if you’re feeling stressed and constantly on the go. So take time for yourself and don’t make commitments that you don’t need to. It can be hard, but learning to say no is important.

At the end of the day, work environments are unlikely to change too much. But if you are unhappy, then that is likely to just grow and grow and you’ll feel more and more disgruntled. So nip any feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction in the bud now. And then you can enjoy your work life much more. That work and life balance is an elusive one, but it can be closer than you think. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Staff Writer; Charles Ford

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