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Yes, You Should Insure Your Vacation!

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(Akiit.comBooking a trip or vacation is an exciting adventure. From the moment you decide to book a vacation, your mind is in overdrive calculating the costs ahead of you. You have to think about the cost of the flights, the accommodation, the visas – if you need them – and lastly, the travel insurance. There are some who take short trips and decide not to purchase insurance due to the trip not being substantial enough to make them worry, but it’s a mistake to do that. Travel insurance isn’t just a piece of paper that you keep in your travel wallet with your passport and boarding pass for the plane. The range of unforeseen issues that travel insurance can cover makes the purchase of said piece of paper absolutely worth it.

You can choose to purchase travel insurance as a separate entity to your vacation after careful comparison of insurance from various companies. You could choose to search the best credit card offers that include travel insurance as a perk of going with them. You could even just purchase insurance with the holiday package that you are booking. Travel insurance can keep you covered in all manner of emergencies, and here are some of the top reasons why travel insurance is right for you:

  • Emergency medical support can be covered with travel insurance. If you are facing a hospital stay after an accident or issue in another country, you need to be able to pay for said stay. Something as simple as a dodgy stomach can warrant a trip to an emergency room and you need to be able to pay your way.
  • Other than the emergency room being the site of your medical drama, you need to consider what you would do if you tripped and knocked a tooth out. For the most part, travel insurance could also provide you with dental coverage, which isn’t just a relief pain-wise, but on your wallet!
  • There is nothing worse than getting jollied up for a holiday, only to get to an airport and find your flight cancelled. Travel insurance can cover you and reimburse you if your flight happens to be cancelled, and if you get this flight on your credit card, you won’t be waiting a long time for it.
  • As common as lost luggage is, it doesn’t mean you have to cope with it. Travel insurance can cover you to replace your passport, travel documents and clothes that have gone missing. It doesn’t matter how much you pack or how little, you can be sorted easily with your insurance.
  • Did you know that your travel insurance can cover you in a car accident abroad? That extra excess expense that you weren’t expecting can be sorted with your travel insurance, giving you peace of mind when you are driving.

Travel insurance doesn’t just cover you for your expenses, it covers your stress levels to make sure that you can enjoy a holiday and have a genuine break – something everyone deserves!

Staff Writer; Paul Brown

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