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Benefits of Apps for Churches.

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( For churches and nonprofit organizations that are on the fence about going mobile, they may have a few questions. Some churches and similar organizations worry that developing an app for members of the congregation will be more of a distraction than it would be beneficial.

Church leaders may also be concerned if they invest in an app it won’t be used.

It’s very unlikely either of these scenarios will happen. What most churches find is that when they do develop an app, it is engaging for their members and has a high usage rate.

The following are some of the specific benefits of developing a church app.

App Development Can Be Affordable

First, before going into the ways an app will benefit a congregation and a church as a whole, it’s important to understand that developing one is affordable. You can create a custom church app, even on a relatively small budget.

It’s not out of the question budget-wise for small churches to gain the advantages of a mobile app, so don’t let that be an obstacle.

Effective Communication

An inevitable part of the world is that people are connected to their mobile devices. It used to be that maybe older generations weren’t as mobile-connected as younger people, but that’s not true anymore.

Audiences spend a tremendous amount of time connected to their mobile device—even more so than they do their desktop computer.

If you want to communicate with an audience, there’s no better place to do it than through a mobile platform.

If your budget is limited, you might think about putting your resources primarily into your app.

When you’re using an app as a central part of your communication strategy, you have access to your users anytime, anywhere. There’s no other form of communication offering that level of connection.

Modern Feel

While people of all ages are using their smartphones more than ever before, communicating and connecting with an audience via a mobile app does have a more modern feel than other methods.

A lot of churches work on trying to find ways to stay contemporary and relevant and attract younger members. Having a great app is a good step in the right direction.

If a church is worried they are stagnant or not doing enough to retain existing members and gain new members, introducing a streamlined, convenient mobile app can breathe fresh air into the entire organization.


For members of a congregation, church is likely a very personal experience. They want to feel deeply connected to the place they attend worship services, but it can be tough on the part of church leadership to always provide a personal experience. This is especially true with very large organizations.

Mobile apps allow for segmentation of audiences and personalization of communication in a way that’s not going to happen with most other forms of communication.

Finally, using an app can help you get people more involved in the church, whether that’s responding to volunteer opportunities or giving financially. It’s convenient for people to respond to the needs of the church and they’re much more likely to when it’s something they can manage from their mobile device.

Staff Writer; Ted Adams

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