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The Kinds Of Changes The Healthcare Industry Really Needs.

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(Akiit.comWe all rely on the healthcare industry; it is one of the few industries which is absolutely essential to every member of society. For that reason alone it is clearly important that we ensure that, as a society, our medical treatment and system is as fair, logical and proper in its practices. For this reason, we can see why it might be one of the most heavily edited and checked industry in the world – as it should be. However, there are a number of things which we might want to see changed in the healthcare industry in the near future in order for us all to feel more looked after and safer. Let’s take a look at some of the major changes that should ideally be taking place soon within the healthcare industry, for the benefit of all.

The Move Towards Universal

In many countries around the world, there is plenty of movement towards universal healthcare, something which is also standard in even more countries. There is no doubt that this is something that a kind government that cares about its people should aim for, but there are many things which might potentially get in the war of such an achievement. One of the biggest is political: a lot of politicians don’t really want to bring about free universal healthcare simply because it means that they and those around them will stop profiting from it, and that is a hard thing to master. Nonetheless, the general trend does seem to be towards universal healthcare – and there is hope yet that one day we might see this in every country on the planet.

Fairer Costs

Before universal healthcare becomes a global norm, however, one change which most people would agree upon being important is for the medical costs we do need to pay to be as fair as possible. Fair in this sense refers to a number of different things. For a start, it might mean that everyone pays the same for the same treatment, regardless of who they are. Or it might just mean that prices should be less, so that society on the whole can afford it much more easily. In either case, we can all agree that fairer medical costs should be at the top of the list of hopeful changes in healthcare. The use of medical bill auditors is a good start to ensure that this fairness is being practiced and introduced  – and from there self-auditing might also become the norm as well.

More Choice

Often, the patient themselves will not seem to have much say in what goes on with their own care. There is a hard line which needs to be balanced here – after all, the medical professionals should mostly be trusted to know what kind of care to provide and have the final say. However, many patients feel that they probably deserve to have a little more say, and that is something that we should try to work towards as soon as possible. This change would probably have to go hand-in-hand with a greater education of the mass, so that people could be trusted not to just use google as their doctor. But with that, it might be the kind of change that really makes a huge difference to healthcare everywhere.

More Rights At End Of Life

Anyone who has witnessed someone in their final days would argue that it is important for that person to be able to retain as much dignity as possible, especially beyond the point at which they no longer are able to express themselves. It could be argued that patients deserve more in the way of rights at the end of life, for at the moment the majority of nations do not have it right on the question of what kind of choices to give someone who is dying. Being able to fill out a health directive stating what they would like to be done once they have lost the ability to say so should be standard, and this is something which is becoming  more commonplace already. What is taking much longer is the move towards a legal and safe euthanasia, but this will hopefully not be far behind.

There are many more changes too which the healthcare industry should try to bring about, and in good time that should happen. For now, these are probably the most important, and ones which are relatively easy to bring about. In time he healthcare industry should be in a much better position on the whole.

Staff Writer; Lisa Hall

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