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3 Reasons To Consider A Motorcycle As Your Next Vehicle.

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( Cars are great. They’re simple, they’re dependable, and they’re pleasurable to drive. Given how generally positive the experience of car ownership is, you might be wondering why you might be tempted to consider the transition from four wheels to two. If so, here’s a few reasons you might want to consider it…

Say goodbye to traffic

If you live in California, it’s completely legal for you to split lanes when driving a motorcycle, allowing you to skip traffic and half the time you spend on your commute.

Lower emissions

Motorcycles are generally far better for the environment than cars; at least, if you’re measuring against a car with a combustion engine. The lower emissions of motorcycles means that you’ll be doing the planet a favor should you make the switch to two wheels.

The enjoyment

If you have never ridden a motorcycle before, it’s worth giving it a try— the enjoyment is quite unlike anything else. When riding a motorcycle, even the most mundane of journeys can become ten times more entertaining.

You’re supporting a struggling industry

The motorcycle industry isn’t in the best of condition at present, due to a number of different factors. So if you switch to a motorcycle, you’ll be providing a boost to an industry that — as the infographic below shows — acknowledges that it needs to evolve to keep up with the demands of modern consumers. Here’s a look at how the industry intends to do just that:

Infographic Design By solomotoparts

Staff Writer; Larry Shaw

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