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Why Representation Matters & How To Change It.

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( The current climate would have you believe that buzzwords like representation and equality for black Americans is controversial issue. However, most people would agree that more representation can only be a good thing. Many networks and huge media networks have said time and time again that representation means lower revenue for them. However, we’ve seen that change dramatically in recent months. With the release of Black Panther reaching box office all time highs, and many different movies coming out with better representation, the tides have changed. This is incredibly important when it comes to social change because instead of demonizing race, it includes and focuses on it and it’s not seen as a negative, but a difference.

The most important thing about representation is that it normalizes regular people for what they are- normal people. If you watched a movie, and every single bad guy was someone that had a huge mole, you would soon associate moles with evil, or inherent wrong. This is how media can completely change the way think about other people, but it also may change the way we think about ourselves. With the rise of Black Panther, we saw a huge spike little girls and boys proudly sporting their favorite character outfits from the movie.

Representation is incredibly important when it comes the way in which we see ourselves, and it’s bringing more positive representation to our media is an excellent way to step up positive world views, and to give people, especially children the ability to see themselves in important and interesting roles. Studies have shown that black children are about five times more likely to have a negative opinion of themselves, and those same studies point toward media being the main issue. Although representation in media is beginning to see the light of day, there is a long way to go. When it comes representation, we must also think about the way in which our actions and what we believe influences people.

When categorically opposing certain things to be off limits for anyone, whether that be because of their gender or race, it can cause huge issues down the line and only make things worse. This is why we should let our children explore who they are without limiting them to what we believe they should do. Not only does this create more diversity, but it’s a great way to give the world a more natural diversity in a multitude of categories.

Sports are another thing that can have a lot less diversity and therefore, less diversity. Check out this video where Barefoot Water Skiing Champion, Keith St. Onges answers your questions. He tells it like it is- anyone can be a barefoot water skier, and there are not many physical limitations to the sport, and you can have any size feet to take on this awesome sport. Getting involved in different sports and showing that anyone can do anything they’re passionate about is a great way to make sure that people get the representation that they want and that society needs.

Staff Writer; Carl Brown

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