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The Changing Face Of The Food Industry.

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(Akiit.comIt is often said that the only constant thing is change. The world is constantly changing, and there are very few ways of actually stopping these changes taking effect. Almost every aspect is influenced by new developments, especially when it comes to technology, and there is no wonder that, after certain technological advancements, that we have come so far in a relatively short time over the past few decades.

One part of life that you might not have realized has changed so much, though, is the food industry. True, the food that we eat and the way that we eat it hasn’t drastically changed, but there are still a few distinct differences to how this industry was operating a few decades ago. Here are a few examples.

The Millennial Effect

Right now, there is a lot of media attention being directed at the millennial generation. These individuals who came of age around the year 2000 have some curious habits that seem to be having a stark effect on the food industry. One example is the generation’s love of convenience. Even though they work fewer hours than previous generations, they don’t seem as eager to spend time preparing food at home. Instead, they much prefer to buy prepared frozen vegetables and rely on convenience foods.

The Effect Of Climate Change

There are a few external factors that the food industry can’t control. As a result, they are putting certain areas of the industry under pressure, especially the farming sector. Take climate change for instance. You will read in maize market report that most crop prices fluctuate. However, the changing climate is causing most prices to steadily increase. That’s because the extreme conditions are difficult grow constant yields, and many farmers are unable to keep up with international demand.

Eating Out Beats Eating In

We’ve already touched on the fact that many millennials favor convenience food. Well, this probably also explains this next point as well – it looks like many people now prefer to eat out at restaurants and cafes rather than staying in and cooking for themselves. As a result, the restaurant industry is doing exceptionally well, especially when you compare it to the poor time that most local grocery stores are going through. If this trend for dining out continues,

Restrictive Diets Are Now Trendy

Once upon a time, people only followed restrictive diets if they needed to for medical reasons. For instance, people who are allergic to dairy products would have had to follow a strict lactose-free diet. But now, even people who aren’t affected when eating dairy are joining them. This is even the case with other diets, such as gluten-free and veganism. Lots more people believe that following these diets can improve their overall health and so are shunning the likes of meat, gluten, and dairy.

As our tastes in food change, there is no doubt that this will have a big effect on the food industry. Whether anything drastic will change, though, only time will tell!

Staff Writer; Calvin Shaw

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