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So You Want To Play Golf?

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(Akiit.comFrom an outsider’s point of view, and from the viewpoint of someone that has never played golf before, the world of golf can seem quite overwhelming. There are new words to learn, new etiquette to learn, and new fashions to follow (does anyone actually like those golf sweaters)? All of this can be enough to put anyone off golf. Not to mention the fact that it can be seen as a pretty ‘old’ sport or hobby, and one that can be quite costly.

If you want to get into golf or just learn a little bit more about it, then you need to get past these questions and perceptions; golf is a lot more than just talk of albatrosses and birdies. There can be plenty of other questions that you have too, and if you don’t have them answered, then it is never going to endear you to the game. So here is a beginner’s guide to golf, so that you’ve got some extra knowledge get you started and get you out onto the course.


You’re not going to get very far in golf without any clubs. It would be like heading to a tennis match without a racket; the right equipment is always going to help you to be able to get more done and to play the best game of golf that you can. You may have the image of people wandering around the golf club with a caddy full of clubs. But you don’t need to have that to get you started. You can acquire more clubs or equipment over time if needed, but for starters you want to think about getting the clubs that you need to develop your skills, without having to spend a lot of money.

The starting clubs that you will need are:

These are the clubs that are going to be the easiest to use and are the most forgiving for beginners. And you can get them almost anywhere, brand new or used. You could buy your most forgiving putter online, check local shops, or online social media selling groups for this kind of thing. You can get some at bargain prices, at around $70 in many instances. Having said that, though, if you are going to buy online or secondhand, it is a good idea to go to a store to try out how the brand or type of club feels, as not all clubs are created equal.

Other Equipment

Once you’ve got some clubs, that is pretty much the essentials down. There are, of course, some more items of equipment that you can get if you are serious about getting into golf. Not all of them are necessary, so it does all depend on you, your budget, and how dedicated you are to the sport of golf. Getting a carrier or caddy for your clubs is a really good idea, as well as some good shoes for playing golf. Proper golf shoes have small grips on the soles of them to grip the grass of the golf course. Not saying that you have to get a proper pair of golf shoes, but a good pair of shoes to play golf in, even some good running sneakers, can help you to improve your game. Not to mention that a game of golf can involve quite a lot of walking and standing around, so you want to be comfortable.

If you are serious about getting into golf, then you may find that look for some golf carts used for sale could be a good investment. This will depend if you are close by to a golf course or not, to see if it is going to be worth it. You could always use it if you have land of your own too, though.

Take Lessons

If you really are a beginner at golf, then you might have a rough idea of how the game works. But do you know the ins and outs of how it all works, and the best techniques with a club? Which is why it is a great idea to get some lessons as soon as you can. If you have a buddy that can help you, then it can make it cheaper to have them to teach you a few things, rather than an instructor. But it can be worth the investment to get some proper lessons, if you’re serious about getting into golf.

Set a Routine

You need to make a plan about how often you want to play golf and where you want to play golf. Making a plan is a good thing, as the saying goes, if you don’t plan, then you plan to fail. So if you want to get into it all, then plan out when and where you will play. This is true of any hobby, but especially of something that has required some investment like golf can.

Work on General Fitness

When you work on your overall fitness, then it is going to help your golf game. You need to remember your natural athletic instincts when you start to play golf. There are mental aspects of the game, but there is still a lot of athleticism in golf. So work on your overall fitness and strength, so that you can play at your best. Even more so when you’re just learning, as the movements are so repetitive.

Try a Driving Range

In order to get your skills up to scratch, it can be a good idea to try out a driving range. It helps you to build up your strength and get you used to holding the clubs and the actions that are required. It is a low pressure environment and you can practice all you want without having to feel like you need to get out of anyone else’s way. They are usually pay to play, so they don’t have to cost a lot for you to go to them and have a practice. It can be worth it for your game, though.

It would be great to hear what else you’d want help with when it comes to golf? Good luck!

Staff Writer; Peter Ford

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