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Driving Test Success: Three Things To Do After Getting Your Driver’s License.

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(Akiit.comWhether you pass at seventeen or seventy, getting your driver’s license is always an exciting time- it’s the key to independence and true freedom. But what exactly do you need to do once you’ve been handed your pass certificate?

Get a Car

Once you’ve passed your test and are no longer paying for expensive driving lessons, theory and practical tests (plus re-tests if you didn’t pass first time) you free up some money in your budget. Use this to start saving for a car, ideally you will have been putting some away during your driving journey. You always have the option to use car finance if you don’t have a huge chunk of money upfront to buy a vehicle. Getting out there on the roads as soon as possible after passing is a good idea to keep your skills topped up.

Consider Pass Plus

Once you’re examiner has given you that all important pass certificate and you’ve breathed a sigh of relief, it can feel like the end of your ‘learning to drive’ journey. However, in reality this is just the beginning. In the year after passing your test while you’re driving independently you’ll realise how much you still had to learn- and even every time you drive for the rest of your life you’ll be adapting and learning as you go. This is because the situation on the roads is never the same, you’re responding to what’s going on around you which will be different every time. You’ll also be navigating new roads and places you’ve never been which can be a little confusing at first.

For this reason, once you’ve passed your driving test it can be worth gaining an additional qualification. Pass plus is one example, here you will do driving lessons at night, on motorways, in new locations and generally just get out there and do new things under the guidance of your instructor. It’s completely optional but it can be really helpful and can build your confidence. In many cases, an additional driving qualification can make your car insurance cheaper too. Driving lessons can seem like a bit of a drag, especially towards the end when they’ve been going on for ages and you just want to have your license. But as pass plus is optional and only last for six sessions it’s definitely something to think about.

Gain Some Experience

Finally, once you have your license, your car and an additional driving qualification if you need it- the last thing to do is to gain some experience. Don’t throw yourself in at the deep end and get in a panic, build your confidence over time. Start by driving by yourself in the evening or at night when it’s quieter. Once you have a good handling of the car, start going out at gradually busier times and practicing new routes. While you’re not going to be perfect as a new driver, bear in mind all you’ve been taught and remember your instructors advice.

The last thing you want to do is cause an accident due to negligence, or end up having a smash or incident for something that could be avoided. If you do end up in an accident where you weren’t at fault, you’d need to find the most experienced personal injury lawyer you can and have them win you the compensation you’re entitled to. But try not to focus on what could happen, in general our roads are safe as long as you’re paying attention and driving correctly.

What advice would you give to someone who has just passed their test?

Staff Writer; Jerry Love

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