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Traditions Trying To Change The World.

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(Akiit.comThere’s no denying that there are some seriously weird things happening in this world. On a day to day basis, we’re seeing more and more change in the world, for both the better and the worse. Take the recent peace treaty signing between South Korea, and North Korea. It made history, and it’s something that the nation might not have thought would have happened. But, believe it or not, not everything about this world is political. There are some traditions happening that some countries believe are going to change the world, and we know you’re going to think that some of them are just strange! Here are a few of the most weird and wonderful, we’d love to know if you think they’re going to make any difference!

Water Shortage

Water shortage is something that’s affecting a lot of the world. As the population grows, and climate change forces the water to dry up, it’s becoming more common that homes even in the UK and US are being left without water. But for countries such as Africa and Asia, the shortage is far more severe. If you’re thinking How to end a water shortage? A frog marriage. It’s a weird thing to think about, isn’t it. But this is exactly what happened in India. A minister of state was present, and the two frogs were married to try and appease the rain gods.

Whilst it might seem very random to you and I, it’s a desperate cry for help from the Madhya Pradesh people. Although there is a lot of humanitarian aid to try and help with this, nothing seems to be stopping the continual shortage of water that they’re facing. However, this is just one of the weird and wonderful traditions from around the world that’s trying to change the world for the better!

Healing The World

It’s no secret that the world is suffering. All over the world there are different people going through their own struggles with health, and most of us rely on modern medicine to change our outlook. But some tribes out there are carrying out their own rituals, which is supposed to promote healing around the world. The healing dance, which is carried out by the San, is a ritual that has been carried out for hundreds of years. As the tribe dances, the healing gods are supposed to listen.

Fire Walking

Fire walking is a tradition that has been carried out by the Chinese for a long time now. With the amount of devastating hurricanes that we had last year, and the many natural disasters that seem to be happening, this one seems appropriate. The chinese walk across burning fire in the hope that it will help to stop natural disasters. If we’re causing pain to ourselves through the fire, it’s hoped that the gods won’t cause further pain through natural disasters. As painful as it may be, it’s something the Chinese believe strongly to be true.

Do you know of any other weird traditions happening around the world? We would love to hear from you if you do!

Staff Writer; Roy Wade

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