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White Progressives Are Just That.

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( If I were asked: “Can there be a more despicable cabal of liars, deceivers and Erebusic marplots than liberal white progressives?” My answer would be yes, but not on this earth – the only ones worse are burning in the prosaic netherworld of Lucifer’s eternal abiding place.

Some may be thinking: “C’mon Mychal, that’s harsh even by your straightforwardness.” But, let me explain.

The emotional, psychological and behavioral damage that progressives have done to blacks cannot be overstated. And just as the greatest trick Satan ever played was convincing people he doesn’t exist, these brutish Mohocks have convinced blacks they alone have their best interests in mind, contrary to all empirical evidence.

A Gordian knot is more soluble than the question: Why would any black persons in their right mind support and/or trust neo-Leninist liberals? Are the overwhelming majority of blacks completely incapable of recognizing what progressives have done to them? I pause to say this is not a treatise on why blacks should be Republicans; it is a treatise on the question: How can they be Democrats?

White progressives have enslaved blacks on a plantation of emotional and psychological inferiority since the beginning of the 20th century when Vladimir Lenin and W.E.B. du Bois formed their ungodly alliance that philosophically continues until today.

It’s resultant of voting rights provisions established by Republicans, in the mid 1700s: “Towns such as Baltimore had more blacks than whites voting in elections; and when the proposed U.S. Constitution was placed before the citizens in 1787 and 1788, it was ratified by both black and white voters in a number of States.” (See: “Black History Issue 2003,” During Reconstruction, there were some 2,000 blacks that held public office. Some were former slaves. This was because of “the passage of explicit constitutional voting rights for blacks in 1870” by Republicans.

It was rabid segregationist progressive Democrats who after regaining power in 1882 reversed all of the constitutional freedoms, i.e., equal rights, Republicans had legislated for the former slaves. Democrats would suppress equal rights for blacks the next 83 years until the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Democrats used the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) and codified Jim Crow laws to deny blacks equal rights. D.W. Griffith produced the epically racist movie “Birth of a Nation” in 1915 to portray blacks as savages. It helped KKK Democrats further subjugate blacks under Jim Crow.

It’s a fact that Democratic President Lyndon Johnson sought the help of Republicans led by Sen. Everett Dirksen, R-Ill. Dirksen was the Republican Senate minority leader from 1959 to 1969, which means the Democratic majority could have written and passed Civil Rights legislation any time they wanted.

And while it’s true that 153 congressional Democrats voted for the Act, only nine of them were from the South, with a full one-third of Senate Democrats voting against the bill.

Suppose there was a more draconian reason for Johnson employing Republican Dirksen to carry the ball. I believe a strong argument can be made that Johnson took the route he did to protect Southern Democrats. It was a calculated risk that by having Republicans push the Act through and Northern Democrats vote in the majority, he could both protect Southern Democrats who were rabid racist segregationists and also use the introduction of Great Society initiatives and the carrot of entitlements to deceive blacks into believing progressives were their best friends and saviors.

White progressive Democrats are singular in their objective to retain blacks as their personal voting bloc. Blacks are skillfully manipulated into violent outbursts and demonstrations while progressive puppet masters lurk in the shadows. The plaintive cry of progressives is that everyone and everything they disagree with is racist.

Which bridges me to President Trump. When did President Trump become a racist? Was it when virtually every black entertainer and athlete spent time with him at his hotels, casinos and on his golf courses?

Google surreptitiously uses their ability to determine what websites appear first when Trump’s name is googled; not surprisingly everything one sees is anti-President Trump. Going only by the first page of Google it’s easy to see why those who simply stop there thoughtlessly believe what they read.

One headline from PBS, the taxpayer-supported Public Broadcast System, read “Every Moment In Trump’s Charged Relationship With Race.” My question is just when was that? Just when did that supposedly take place? Like all progressive outlets, PBS spins truth and makes it racist. Was President Trump racist when blacks from Muhammad Ali, to Mike Tyson, to the biggest and best-known black musicians and actors wined, dined and took in shows with him?

These political hatchet jobs are taken from the progressive Democratic playbook. White progressives have done nothing for blacks but keep them angry, unemployed, uneducated, on food stamps, welfare and in public housing. But the moment America has a president who has made quantifiable leaps forward for all Americans, and specifically blacks, white progressives say he’s racist. And blacks, after all years of evidence to the contrary, still believe them.

Columnist; Mychal Massie

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