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How Golf Can Have a Positive Influence on Kids.

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(Akiit.comWhen it comes to sports, the majority of us wouldn’t place children and golf hand in hand. It tends to be a sport that is engaged with by mature and collected adults. However, children can get involved with golf and interested in the sport. What’s more? The sport can have a whole host of positive influence on them. Here are just a few for you to consider.

Increased Confidence

As children’s competence in this sport progresses, they will have the option of golfing competitively. Now, competition can be great for kids in a number of ways. These can include driving them to improve upon themselves at a faster rate, teaching them to play by rules (as they will be penalised for cheating or bending the rules of the game), and encouraging commitment. However, perhaps the best outcome of competition for little ones is confidence. Winning golf trophies can endow them with a sense of achievement and shows them that putting hard work and effort into a positive venture can really pay off.

Improved Social Skills

Golf is a particularly positive sport for introverted children. Why? While the child isn’t being thrown into the deep end of team sports (where quieter children can be pushed aside or made uncomfortable by louder, more boisterous kids), they do still have great opportunities to improve their social skills and social interaction in a low pressure environment. They will learn to interact with their instructor, asking questions and seeking information. They will also play alongside others their own age, taking turns which ensures every child gets their own moment in the spotlight.

Immersion in a Calm Environment

In golf, aggressive and explosive behaviour greatly hinders individual achievements. You can only succeed whilst playing if you have a cool, calm and collected mindset. When engaging with golf, children are immersed in a tranquil atmosphere. Matches are free of the shouting and even heckling and booing that can often be heard at soccer or football games. Golf also lacks the violent, hooligan subculture that is often associated with football matches.


Believe it or not, golf can provide a child with plenty of exercise. While it may seem to require low physical input and energy levels, little ones will find themselves exerting themselves when engaging with the sport. Research has found that the average golfer can clock up around five miles and burn up to 2000 calories when playing an 18 hole course. Now, chances are that a kid won’t take on this much when playing their own game, but you can’t deny that the sport could contribute significantly to their recommended amounts of physical exercise.

These are just a few benefits of golf for children. There are plenty more, but hopefully this brief introduction has helped to open your eyes to the sport’s potential for little ones!

Staff Writer; Ron Poole

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