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Democrats Don’t Care About the “Right Thing”.

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( The constitutionally imaginary “right to be believed” is the latest law-and-order scam Democrats and the DMIC – the Democrat Media Industrial Complex – seek to beat us over our heads with.

Notorious RTBB was introduced in January 2016 by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, she of “It Takes a Village” fame. Clinton stated on her campaign site that every survivor of sexual assault had the “right to be heard,” as well as the “right to be believed.” A month later, Clinton revised her site, eliding the RTBB, but retaining the “right to be heard.”

In the wake of the Saul Alinsky-ization of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, it’s telling, but unsurprising, that the Democratic Party and DMIC choose to side with the accuser, rather than the accused.

The Dems’ rights factory

The rule of law means a government of laws, not of men. The accused, not the accuser, has a Fifth Amendment guaranteed right to due process and a 14th Amendment guaranteed right to equal protection. It’s ironic that a mostly white Democratic Senate is undoing one of the antebellum Reconstruction amendments, passed by mostly white Republicans who abhorred, and abolished, slavery.

Donald Trump’s glass-ceiling shattering win in 2016, as America’s first civilian president, nakedly exposed the totalitarianism of the Democratic Party; Kavanaugh is just the latest victim. During his confirmation hearings, and during last week’s bizarre and farcical testimony from Christine Ford, the Democrats showed us exactly who they’ve always been: some of the worst human beings in our history, whose ideology is shaped and influenced by some of the worst human beings in world history. In Democrat world, “justice” is that of Stalin’s head of the Soviet police, Lavrentiy Beria: show me the man, and I’ll show you his crime.

Creating rights out of thin air is a play out of the “living, breathing Constitution” playbook; the late, venerable Justice Antonin Scalia used to mock judicial activism by admonishing judges and fellow justices who believed that any and every right is guaranteed by the Constitution. Not in the text? No, it’s in there! You want a right to be believed? It’s in there!

Last month should have been the death knell for the Democratic Party. But it won’t be – because tens of millions of Americans will continue adhering to a party platform of useful idiocy and scorched-earth destruction of those who reject their politics. Will this public display of Constitution shred by the Democrats embolden America First voters? I hope so; I’ve long been of the opinion that conservatives should vote like a blue wave is inevitable next month; the worst that can happen by adopting that mindset is we win by even larger than expected margins. Undoubtedly, Democrats are Energizer bunny hyped about turning out to vote, in national and down-ballot state races – especially Democrats who stayed home in 2016 because every poll had Clinton landsliding to a 57-state win.

Today, it’s Kavanaugh. Tomorrow, maybe it’s your son, husband or brother. I’ve already had “the talk” with my wife: I’ve never sexually assaulted, harassed or raped a woman, and I’ve never been unfaithful. Oh, and I’ve never been a pederast, as a USA Today sports reportersuggested of Kavanaugh last week, before “clarifying” his column.

Democrats insistent that this new normal is a paranoid conspiracy theory are just deflecting by employing the first rule of propaganda: Accuse your opposition of what you yourself are guilty of. Democrats have never been as public in their display of opprobrium for our bedrock rights as they currently are – rights crafted by our founders to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. It was hilarious listening to California Sen. Kuckoo Kamala Harris last week lament that the “tyranny of the majority” would be responsible for a Justice Kavanaugh; someone should have reminded Kuckoo Kamala of the truest statement ever uttered by President Obama, in 2009: Elections have consequences. Voters already had their say when it came to Supreme Court nominations; it was called the 2016 presidential and Senate elections.

GOP kowtows, as usual

Even if the Republican Party confirms Kavanaugh, the GOP’s weaknesses have been on full display these last few weeks – except for South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, with whom I have a new bromance. Graham’s statement after Kavanaugh’s defense of his integrity was the biggest congressional nuke of the modern era.

There’s only one question I wish we would have heard a GOP senator pose to the Democrats:

If Judge Kavanaugh is cleared by the FBI, will you vote to confirm?

That question disrobes the Democrats’ lies and smears. The Democrats never gave a damn about Ford; they pulled this sham because they know Kavanaugh would annihilate the SCOTUS legislating-from-the-bench for generations to come.

The Democrats have long needed judges who legislate from their benches because the majority of people in the majority of states don’t want their political product. That so many within the ranks of the Democratic Party and the DMIC would so unhesitatingly side with the accuser Ford not only immolates a uniquely American legal tenet of the accuser’s preponderance-of-evidence burden, it also sets back by decades the equality many good women spent years working for. Democrats are now judge, jury and executioner on the basis that absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence. Now, women with legitimate sexual assault claims will be hated by one half of the country, depending on her political leanings.

Furthermore, are we going to now play dumb and wonder if men won’t take an eighth or 80th look at a woman’s entire life, personally, politically and professionally, before hiring her? I am not advocating this, but it’s inevitable. If I were a woman in America, I’d trade #MeToo for #ThanksForNothing; add women’s equality to the list of things destroyed by Democrats.

Any American who does not vote after this debacle should be ashamed of himself; you’re in the way and are helping the Democratic opposition. If that sounds harsh, accusing one of a crime he didn’t commit, while automatically presumed guilty by a major political party, is a lot harsher.

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