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Signs You May Be Suffering From Hearing Loss.

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(Akiit.comAccording to statistics, around 20% of Americans suffer from hearing loss, and that can be down to a number of contributing factors. Certain health issues, such as German measles and Usher’s Syndrome can cause a deterioration in hearing over time, and bad habits, such as listening to music at too loud a level, or sticking fingers and foreign objects into the ear, can also cause internal damage in the ear canal. Chances are, be that through your own fault or a prevailing health issue, you may develop hearing loss in your lifetime.

Fear not, there is hope! If you do have a hearing problem, you can still live a normal life thanks to the range of hearing devices that are now available. However, if you spot the signs of hearing loss at an early stage, you may be able to remedy the situation or take extra precautions, to stop the situation from getting worse.

These are the some of the signs you need to look out for.

  • You have difficulty hearing what people say. If you are constantly asking people to speak up, or you have difficulty following a conversation when there is more than one person speaking at the same time, then you may have an issue with your hearing.


  • Your neighbors complain about your TV! If you are regularly turning up your television to hear what is being said, then your neighbors won’t be very happy with you. Do them (and yourself) a favour, and book yourself in for a hearing test!


  • You struggle in noisy environments. Many people with hearing impairments struggle to block out background noise when they are trying to focus on a conversation. If this happens to you, be that in your workplace or in a busy restaurant, then it is time to get a hearing evaluation.

  • You feel as if you are underwater. When you’re underwater, the sounds above water can become muffled and unclear. If you are experiencing this problem in your day to day life, and everybody appears to be mumbling or speaking in distant tones, then you should book an appointment with a hearing professional.


  • You misunderstand what people are saying to you. If you have heard the following recently, then you should get your ears checked. “You want me to walk the frog?”  “Did I put the tins out?” “You’re asking me if I’m Jeff?” (We will let you work out what was really being said).



  • You struggle to hear higher frequencies. You may have no trouble hearing what your male friends are saying to you, with their low-frequency voices. But if you struggle to hear what women or children are saying to you, or you can’t hear the sound of birdsong or even your own doorbell, then it is time to get your ears looked at.


Hear this! Taking care of your hearing is vital, so if any of the signs above related to you, do the right thing, and see a doctor or an audiologist to check for any problems. Hearing loss is a major inconvenience, but you may be able to sort out any issues before they get worse.

Staff Writer; Ron Parker

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