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The Issues African American Women Face at Work.

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(Akiit.comAfrican-American women face more challenges in the workplace. That is not conjecture but the result o studies and surveys. They do not fare as well as Latina, Asian, Hispanic or white women who are more likely to find it easier to gain promotions and advancement in their careers.

They are sadly under-represented in many industries and professions, and this has led to some of them working in jobs that are not their choice. Women, in general, have to work harder than men to be noticed in the workplace, but for African-American women they have both their gender and color against them. Know that discrimination in Corporate America, is no longer tolerated, for more info regarding this matter, click here

How Managers Could Help More

Managers could give more support to black women. It appears that less than 30% of bosses will help them with company politics, or defend them and their work. Although it is said that about 36% of managers will give advice on advancement, only 31% will advocate them for a new opportunity. These percentages are lower than for all other groups of women. In fact, of all the groups of women mentioned above, it seems that Asian and white women are treated the most fairly. At the other end of the scale are Latina and African-American women.

Most African-American women report having very little contact with management-level employees and most of the blame is put firmly at the door of managers. They could provide more support and help to these women, and if you speak with these bosses, they will generally tell you how hard working and diligent black women are.

The two views are conflicting, but without a doubt, black women have a much harder job of earning a promotion than women of any other color.


This group of women are more likely to suffer harassment in the workplace, and may well have to approach a sexual harassment lawyer for help. They also suffer bullying and general nastiness much more than other female workers.

Bullying or any other type of harassment should not be acceptable in any workplace, but it seems that victims of these problems, no matter what their color, are often too frightened to report it because of fear of reprisals.

Some black women have said that informing a boss is a waste of time anyway, as they are less likely to be believed or are accused of being a troublemaker.

The Realities

These challenges that African-American women have to face has resulted in fewer of them working in top-level jobs.  Around just 30% of them feel that promotions go to the most deserving employees, and the rest feel that their color stops them advancing up their career ladder.

This perhaps explains why so many of them are becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own businesses rather than working for someone else. Starting a business is much easier than ever, and if it is an online one, no one will know what color or gender the owner is unless that information is used as a selling point.

Staff Writer; Lisa Love

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