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Dealing With A Criminal Accusation.

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(Akiit.comOf all the kinds of experience that a person can have, something which is bound to be particularly frightening is being accused of a crime – especially if it is one you didn’t commit. But even if you happen to know that you are guilty, that does not mean that you re suddenly devoid of any rights, and it is still hugely important to make sure that you know what your next steps are going to be if you want to get out of the situation in the best way possible.

As it happens, because it is not something that most people expect to happen to themselves, most people are also not very well prepared for this kind of situation – and that is something which you should bear in mind if you find yourself in it. Therefore, it is a good idea to think about it beforehand, so that if ever it should happen to you, you can much more effectively deal with it and know what to do, and so give yourself the best possible chance of moving forward.

Keep Quiet

The first thing to remember is that remaining quiet is often your best chance of proving your innocence. The more you say, the more evidence is likely to be filed against you. This can be hard to bear in mind, especially if you know you are innocent and that you feel you can explain why you are innocent. But as any lawyer will tell you, the best thing to do regardless is to say no comment to anything that is asked of you by the police. This is a generally good rule of thumb, and it is worth remembering should you ever be in questioning with the police.

But it is not just when you are speaking to the police that this might prove to be a useful thing to remember. It is also a good idea to make sure that you are keeping quiet in regards to other people too. Because the police are likely to question the people in your life – including people you might consider to be on the very fringes of your life, or people you barely know at all such as neighbors – you need to make sure that you are not discussing the situation with anyone, as much as you can manage it. If you feel the need to address it with your close family or your partner, do so only in private when you are sure nobody is listening. It’s important to note that this is not merely advice for those who are guilty – this is what you should do regardless of whether or not you guilty. The innocent are often also accused or questioned, and it is just as crucial for them to keep quiet too, possibly even more critical.

Keeping quiet is the most important thing you can do, and if you remember nothing else from this list, remember that. It will give you the most excellent possible chance of proving your innocence, and of remaining a free individual.

Get A Lawyer

Of course, there is one individual whom you should speak to, and that is your lawyer or solicitor. It is within your rights to seek the advice of a lawyer the moment you are detained, but there might be occasions when the police work hard to try and stop you from doing so. You need to be strong and continue to demand your lawyer to be present, remaining silent on all other matters until they are there. Getting a lawyer is the next most crucial step, besides staying quiet at all times, in ensuring that you can remain free and prove your innocence. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t need one, or of being too proud to call for one. And remember that it doesn’t matter what your financial situation is, as even if you can’t afford one you will have one appointed for you. There is no reason not to get yourself a lawyer, and fast, also if it is just a state-appointed lawyer.

The other main benefit of having a lawyer, of course, is that you can have a much better chance of understanding what is going on. Speaking with your lawyer will mean that you can get a more definite sense of what kind of fate lay ahead of you, as well as allowing you to appreciate the fullness of the accused crime. They will be able to tell you, amongst other things, whether the accusation is technically a felony or misdemeanor, what kind of time those convicted of the crime tend to receive, and what the likelihood is of you walking free. All of this is important to know, and you will find that there is an absolute comfort in having a lawyer to speak with about all of these concerns.

As you can see, having a lawyer is likely to make the whole process much more comfortable on you, and much more likely to help you get your way out safely and in innocence. You should not overlook this hugely vital part of the process of proving your innocence.

Preserve Evidence

If there is any evidence that you know of which will help to secure your innocence, you must, of course, make sure that you are looking after it as best as you can. This is something you need to think about as soon as possible, and it’s likely your lawyer will say the same thing to you as well. They will also be able to inform you of what you should consider evidence, and what is much less likely to be important, which can help you to make these decisions. As long as you preserve the proof you need, you will have a much better chance of remaining free, so it is essential to make sure that you do this.

Dealing with a criminal accusation can be a hugely worrying time in your life, but you should be able to prove your innocence if you follow the advice above.

Staff Writer; Jerry Moore

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