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What’s Driving The Remote Worker Revolution?

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(Akiit.comRemote working is fast spreading across the globe. Fewer employees are showing up to the office, but rather working entirely from home, to the point that people get hired and spend years working without ever setting foot on the business premises. Here, we’re going to look at not only the tech but the benefits that are causing remote working to become so popular.

Better communication tools

Nowadays, it’s much easier to carry a conversation over into the digital space. A team communication app such as Slack not only makes it easy to reach people by phone or on their computer at any time of the day, but also to save pertinent conversations, create reports, and share resources that the rest of the team can check up on at any time.

Remote management

Team management software, also known as project management software, offers that similar kind of online collaborative space, but with a slightly different focus. This software, like Asana, is instead used to track the progress of the team on a wide range of goals and can be used to log when they’re actually active and working, especially useful for those teams who aren’t working to the same schedule or in the same time zone.

Software on demand

When it comes to carrying out the core processes of the business, from bookkeeping to accounting to managing customer relationships, software is likely to play a large role. Nowadays, that software doesn’t have to be downloaded and installed, however. With Office 365 plans, you can provide a whole host of software remotely through the Cloud. The team doesn’t have to download anything, and you don’t have to pay extra for every device it’s being used on. Simply log on and the work is there.

It’s flexible

Now we know how teams are doing it, why are they doing it? Flexibility has a big part to play in that. Employers can offer the perks of working from whatever work environment they want, allowing both themselves and their team to work on the road. What’s more, with remote working and the right systems to hold the team accountable, you can even help them work whenever works best for them without direct supervision.

It’s cheaper

There’s some investment that goes into the tech and tools that help you collaborate across great distances. However, if you compare that to the ongoing costs of hiring, such as paying for the equipment, their space, and the furniture, it’s much more cost effective to set up a remote working team, if you can manage it effectively. Not to mention, the perks of working from home can put the employer in a better position when it comes to negotiating salaries, too.

As time goes on, remote working is going to become even more widespread not just in the service industry but also in support and back-room roles for businesses in all kinds of industries. If you’re looking for a way to keep employees productive while saving money, it might be time to look into a more remote possibility.

Staff Writer; Paul Brown

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