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How Can Your Business Help the Planet?

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(Akiit.comAs humans we can be destructive creatures, and in the past hundred years have wreaked absolute havoc on our environment. We’re now becoming increasingly aware of this damage and what it is we need to do to prevent or reverse it. Here are some things you can personally do in your business to help the planet.

Use Less Plastic

There’s no escaping just how much damage plastic is having on the environment. We’re constantly hearing of the devastation it’s causing in the media, from whales washing up on shores with stomachs full of plastic bags, to whole ‘islands’ of the stuff forming in oceans. Due to the way it breaks down, ‘microplastics’ are entering into the food chain, ending with us as humans which is likely to cause all kinds of health effects. The message is clear- we need to be using less plastic, and a lot of this responsibility falls to us as business owners. While consumers need to be careful of the choices they’re making too, it’s not all that easy for them to cut their plastic when there’s no realistic alternative. Look into different ways of packaging your products, use card or other materials where possible instead of single use plastic wrapping. Ban plastic straws and carrier bags from your company, choosing to source paper versions instead. If you work in an office, opt for things like refillable ink cartridges and pens instead of single use varieties. In some cases this will even save you money, so it’s a win-win situation.

Go Paper Free

We live in a digital age, much of what we do these days is online from work to play. Just about everything can be done through a screen, so there really is no need to waste paper. Instead of printing out a receipt or sending a paper invoice, could you send an email instead? Where at all possible, have your own business mail delivered electronically rather than through the post. There are lots of businesses around the world that are working on going paper free, so follow their lead.

Use Less Energy

Energy in the form of gas and electricity to power and heat buildings means the burning of fossil fuels. Energy companies are getting much greener these days with more sources being renewables, however right now, fossil fuels are still being utilised. Which is of course bad for the environment, and so it’s important to conserve energy where we can. Turn the lights off when they’re not needed, and switch to energy saving bulbs. Turn off computers at the end of each day instead of leaving them on standby, or switch to laptops which use much less power. Carbon offsetting can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint in business, find the best carbon offset providers and choose one that’s right for you. It doesn’t take much to use less energy, just a little care and attention and a few seconds out of your day can make all the difference.


Recycling properly ensures that any waste we’re producing is being handled in the correct way. Eliminating things like plastic and paper entirely might not be feasible (yet) so if you do end up with these materials in your waste bin then make sure they’re disposed of correctly. Assign proper bins to each material, and teach your staff how to use them correctly. We make a conscious effort to recycle at home, it’s something we need to be doing in our business too.

Staff Writer; Roy Adams

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