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The Things You Take For Granted With Your Body And Why You Should Stop.

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(Akiit.comLife can get a little overbearing at times, don’t you think? We always have so much to be thinking about. You may have a career that takes up a lot of your time, that is demanding, maybe stressful and causes your mind to only be on that one thing. It could be your family, such as children or your relationship. To top it all off you have a home to run, a budget to manage, and a life to lead. So there is no surprise that we can all take things for granted when it comes to our bodies.

However, what you may take for granted, might be completely different to somebody else. But there are some common parts and areas of our body that we can all neglect at times. So here are some of the most common ones to think about and be aware of. Perhaps it will remind you to take better care of yourself in some way.

Your hearing

Your hearing is one of those things that we can all take for granted at times, and yet, it is important for us to do what we can to maintain it. After all, there are things to be aware of and changes to make that could make a big difference in the future for your hearing. Thankfully, with the increase in technology there are a now different hearing aid styles to help you improve the quality of your hearing in the long term. However, what could you do now to maintain it? Simple things like reducing the volume on your headphones, making sure you use earplugs when in noisy surroundings for work, and keeping the inside of your ear dry to avoid a build up of bacteria.

Your eyesight

Just like your hearing, you take for granted what you can see. Now when you have tests and perhaps the optician suggests you need glasses, you see a massive difference in sharpness and quality of sight when you put those lenses on. While you can’t necessarily avoid the determination of your eye sight, you can ensure that regular check ups are scheduled in to keep on top of things. Avoid straining your eyes and if you do start witness difficulty with your sight, get them checked right away.

Your general fitness levels

We can also take for granted things like our fitness levels. The fact that you can go out for a long walk with your dog, climb the stairs without getting out of breath, and even run to catch that bus or train. These things can suddenly deteriorate and we won’t know what has hit us. Of course, maintaining fitness is important, but that doesn’t mean you need to be in the gym everyday. Just choosing to be active each day can be enough to make a big difference.

What you eat and put into your body

Sure you might want to indulge in some junk food or the chocolate cake every once in a while, everyone has the right to do that and to enjoy the food they eat. But it is also something that you should take for granted and to abuse in some way. A balanced diet isn’t about maintaining a weight loss or looking good, it is about feeling good on the inside. Nourishing your body with all of the food groups gives it the vitamins and minerals it needs to function at the highest level. Indulgence is fine, but when your diet only consists of the bad stuff, you will start to see a difference in your output.

Your mindset

Your mind is a powerful tool, and ultimately what you think is how you feel and will dominate your physical actions. So it may be time to be more aware of your mindset and how you are feeling. Are your thoughts more negative? Is your outlook on life a little bleak? It may be time to start thinking about how you can change your thoughts and make them a little more positive moving forward.

Your dental health

Finally, your dental health is very important, and so it is essential for you to ensure that you get your teeth regularly checked and that you do all that you can to maintain a decent level of dental health. After all, we do only get one set of adult teeth, and it can certainly be something that we take for granted, until they are no longer there to use.

Let’s hope this has reminded you of some fo the changes you can make to take better care of yourself.

Staff Writer; Ron Brown

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