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A Contributing Factor to Accidents: 5 Causes of Fatigue in Construction Workers.

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( Worker’s fatigue is a huge issue for construction crews. A fatigued worker is more likely to be injured on the job, is not going to be able to perform their job as well, and might be a safety risk for others on the job. Understand the causes of fatigue in construction workers to see what can be done to combat this and help keep everyone on the job safe.

Working Longer Hours

Construction work is typically seasonal, so it’s common for workers to be scheduled for longer hours during the busy season. This leads to the workers being on the job longer each day, leaving them less time to sleep at night and increasing the chance for an accident on construction site. Fatigue is also a concern when the workers live far from the job site, so even when they’re working a normal amount of hours, they spend additional time on the road each day, which leaves them less time to get sleep at night.

Working at Night

Worker’s fatigue can also be caused by having to work at night. Construction workers who typically work overnight instead of during the day might not be able to get enough sleep during the day. They might have trouble sleeping because of the noise outside their room or while they’re adjusting to a night schedule. The situation can be compounded by the fact that they’re working in the dark, so the overall lighting is dimmer.

Physically Demanding Work

Construction work is both physically and mentally demanding. Workers are required to lift and carry heavy materials as well as to operate heavy machinery. All of this wears them down through the day. Even when they’re working a normal schedule, this can cause fatigue. The issues can become worse if they’re working longer than normal hours for a period or if they aren’t getting enough sleep at home.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is a huge cause of fatigue in construction workers. This may be because they’re working longer than normal hours, because they have sleep-related medical issues, or for other reasons. It’s crucial for construction workers to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep at night. Workers who are fatigued at work will want to try to increase the amount of sleep they get through the night or speak with a medical professional if they are having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

Activities Outside of Work

Personal habits like smoking, drug use, or alcohol use can impact construction workers and can lead to more fatigue. They can also be more fatigued if they’re dealing with issues outside of work that may be stressful or if they don’t have good eating habits. Just about anything that can impact their ability to get to sleep or the quality of sleep can increase the chance of suffering from fatigue while at work.

Various factors come into play to cause fatigue in the workplace, all of which can lead to an increased potential for accidents that may cause serious injuries. Construction workers should be aware of each of these issues so they can adjust as needed to get better sleep at night and to ensure they’re awake and ready for work each day.

Staff Writer; Carl Ross

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