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Building A Better Brand Image: 5 Issues You’ve Probably Overlooked Until Now.

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( In the world of modern business, building a great brand is one of the most important issues by far. While it is something that every company will invest heavily in, many fail to unlock their full potential. In many cases, it’s due to overlooking some very basic features.

Here are five of the most commonly overlooked areas, along with what can be done to overcome those issues.

#1. Keeping Workspaces Looking Clean

Every business can appreciate the importance of a well-designed workspace. This is especially true when dealing with areas that clients will visit. As such, you’ve probably invested heavily in fancy décor and the latest tech facilities. While this is a great starting point, the need to keep the areas looking clean must not be ignored.

It’s not simply a case of tidying up as you go along and hiring a window cleaner. Making investments to actively upgrade the look of the surroundings while reducing the need for maintenance is key. Polished concrete flooring is a particularly good option. When supported by a team that respect their workspaces, you won’t go far wrong.

When the business looks clean and professional, the first impressions will be far greater than you ever thought possible.

#2. Building A Diverse Team

Employees are the greatest asset at your disposal, which is why you need to assemble the best possible team. Their input will influence everything from productivity levels to customer reactions. Finding the right candidates is vital, but you also need to think about how individuals will fit into the group. Diversity is key.

Building a diverse team isn’t about filling quotas. It ensures that your brand can appeal to the biggest possible audience as clients from all backgrounds can relate to the staff. It also creates a team that are capable of solving a wider range of issues. Overlooking the benefits of diverse recruitment could backfire spectacularly. All genders, races, and age groups should be represented.   

A diverse team will bring an array of internal and external benefits. Now is the time to make a conscious investment.

#3. Protecting Intellectual Property   

All business owners take care to protect their assets. However, physical protection through CCTV and security staff shouldn’t be your only concern. In today’s climate, a breach of your digital security has the potential to cause far greater damage. As such, investing in cloud computing, anti-virus tools and encrypted payment gateways is essential.

It’s imperative that you think about the intellectual property of the brand too. Counterfeit goods or rip off replicas could seriously damage the company. In truth, it won’t matter how tight the physical security facilities are if you fall short in this aspect. If nothing else, mastering this aspect of the venture should provide added peace of mind.

If you’ve yet to get the trademarks and patents that you need, now is the time to do it. Otherwise, you’ll continue to leave yourself at risk of foul play.

#4. Word Of Mouth Marketing

While every business needs to build effective ad campaigns, most customers will take them with a pinch of salt. They know that you are going to promote the brand in a big way. Therefore, they are far more likely to take note of what other people have to say. The power of recommendation should not be ignored for a second, and could be the key to creating the brand you desire.

Word of mouth marketing can be embraced in several ways. Perhaps the most obvious in today’s market is to hire social influencers. Social media personalities can spread the word about your business to their followers. If they share a similar target demographic to your brand, the results can be phenomenal. The ROIs are sensational.

Another solution is to embrace affiliate marketing schemes. When supported by reviews and testimonials, you won’t go far wrong.

#5. Be Responsible

Now more than ever, consumers and business clients judge companies on more than products. As a business owner, then, it’s vital that you take this on board. Showing that the company is responsible and cares about social issues will help. In turn, prospective clients respond to your content in a far fonder fashion.

Going green with eco-friendly investments is a great starting point. Environmental friendly packaging, LED lighting, and greener fuels are all beneficial. Meanwhile, discovering what you can do to support local charities is very effective. From donating leftover foods to arranging a promotional event in their aid, those steps are crucial. They will not go unnoticed.

When the brand is likeable for what it does away from its services, the attraction it holds over its customers will be greater than ever.

Staff Writer; Larry Brown


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