Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Why Tesla Is the Most Interesting Car Manufacturer Today.

(Akiit.com) Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc. is at the forefront of modern technology, whether that’s building electric cars, flying rockets into space or selling flamethrowers to the general public. You can be sure that he’ll be in headlines wherever there’s excitement and controversy within the business and technology world.

He’s quite the entrepreneur, loved by many around the world for his “can do” attitude. Many even consider him the real-life version of “Tony Stark” from Iron Man. Elon seems to set out and go where no one else has gone before; he looks to push the boat out every time. With the combination of his wealth, connections, and knowledge, he can often experiment and try to break the boundaries of what we consider modern science and technology. Elon, as the CEO of Tesla, makes for an interesting company to watch.

If you haven’t heard of Tesla already, then you’re in for a real treat. Tesla operates alongside many other subsidiaries but is most well known for the production of their all-electric vehicles. They’re the most popular electric car manufacturer today, and with Musk’s vision, they set out to have the general population utilizing electric cars in the very near future. Tesla has already pioneered the electric car and seeks to expand their infrastructure of Tesla charging points all over the world, allowing for easy access to a charging point for your Tesla car, wherever you may be.

With Tesla now offering a variety of models and an ever-increasing charge point infrastructure, it’s easy to see why they’re the market leaders. Not only is it about the use of electric cars for economic and environmental purposes, but it’s also about the integration of forward-thinking technology and artificial intelligence. Tesla is on the breaking point of introducing autonomous driving through artificial intelligence as everyday practicality. Though the technology is already available for public use, that’s not to say it hasn’t come with teething issues. Many users of the technology have unfortunately been on the receiving end of an autonomous car accident and many non-users on the receiving end too, and thus a market has emerged for claims against such injuries. AutonomousCarInjury.com is just one of the companies out there dealing with these types of claims. As autonomous driving technology has not been perfected, there is still room for error. Tesla is making constant improvements to its system in an effort to ensure a completely safe journey of driving through autonomous AI technology.

Tesla has its fingers in all the pies, and Elon Musk proved this once again by unveiling their latest addition to the Tesla fleet in November 2017, the Tesla Semi. If you’re an environmentalist, which we should all strive to be nowadays, then you will know that semi-trailer trucks are one of the most fuel-hungry vehicles on the road today. If Tesla can eliminate the use of semi trucks all over the world, then we can have Tesla to thank for our decreasing carbon footprint. A widely used electric semi sounds like a far-fetched reality, but the reality is entirely possible as Elon explained, the Tesla Semi can offer many economic benefits, safety features and would be a step in the right direction.

Staff Writer; Steve Poole

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