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Bagging Your First Gig As A Band.

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( If you think you and your band are ready, and you want to get your sound out there, now’s the time to prepare yourself for bagging your very first gig. It’s an exciting and terrifying time all at once, but it’s a great first step towards the worldwide stage – if you want to get more fans, targeting your local stage or your niche sound is the best way to guarantee results! 

So here’s just a couple of things to remember as you go on this musical journey; if you’re confident to go on stage, and sing or strum your heart out, there’s a gig out there for you. 

Know What to Say

Bagging a gig is all about the networking: if you know someone who runs a venue in your local area, make sure you get in touch with them! But if you don’t really have any connections, and you’re having to go out and ask to be put on the books for a music night in a local bar or youth center, then you’re going to have to make some assurances. There’s a person in charge of planning for these kinds of events, and they’re going to want to know you and your band are worth it!

So, make sure you can promise them a packed room, quality music, and no mishaps during the night. If you’ve got 10 or more friends and family you’re happy to play for, make sure you bring them along for the night. Hey, even rope in mere acquaintances you’re not too sure about, as the more the better! And then make sure you’ve got your best music lined up to play; if you’ve got a popular demo that’s been posted online, make sure that’s on the set list! 

Look Around for Open Mic Nights

Another way to bag your first gig, because of the nature of the event, is to go along to an open mic night. These run all over the world, so you can be sure there’s going to be one running near you sometime soon, and keep an eye out for the bigger venues, like la open mics. You never know who’s going to be in the crowd in these kinds of cultural centers… 

If you’ve got an open mic to take advantage of, take you and the band along, get on stage when there’s a clearance, and play and sing as loud and confidently as you can. This is your chance to show the room you’re the real deal, and have the talent, and to share your band’s Facebook page as well! 

Don’t be afraid to go far and wide for open mic nights as well. After all, if there’s quite a few playing a couple towns over, in quick succession, you could consider it your first tour as a band! 

Bagging your first gig doesn’t have to be impossible; play locally, know your best venues, make some connections, and soon enough, you’ll get into the bigger music leagues. 

Staff Writer; Terry Barker

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