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The Liberals Campaigning Hard To Re-Elect President Trump.

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( The 2020 election is already in full spin as Donald Trump’s leftist enemies are working hard to see that he wins another four years of glory and success in the White House. Much of what they say and do should be designated as in-kind contributions to his campaign, and we should cheer them on. The 2020 election will be a choice between them or Trump, so the stupider and crazier they are, the better for us. And Trump’s approval rating jump proves it.

We just had that whole imbroglio with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Philadelphia) and her Gang of Four, and it was awesome. Basically, we had them, other Democrats who hate them but felt they had to support them, and the mainstream media all telling us Normal Americans that “You’ve all always been racists and you’re now even more racist for being offended that this profoundly ungrateful refugee who America rescued figuratively treats this country like a hobo treats a Scat Francisco sidewalk!”

It’s yet another example of how out of touch liberal elites are when they think regular people are going to side with some ingrate who watches Black Hawk Down and roots for the bad guys. As Republicans, we should do everything we can to ensure that Omar and the other nitwits she pals around with have the bulliest pulpit we can provide. As the heart n’ souls of the heartless and soulless Democrat Party, they are human Trump 2020 campaign ads.

By the way, here’s a prediction. Watch for trouble in paradise as these hacks begin getting jealous of each other’s coverage and start Mean Girls-ing it up with anonymous trash-talking escalating into public back-biting. AOC can’t be too happy that she’s losing the spotlight to the Twisted Sister, and Rashida Talib – who is super sane and not at all a nut – has got to be getting envious of her more photogenic pals’ fawning media coverage. If I were advising Tlaib, after I told her to lose the smart girl glasses (no one’s fooled), I’d propose she wokeness checkmate her frenemies by marrying her sister.

In any case, the Trump 2020 is going to save a lot of dough by not filming ads and just simply running footage of these clowns, among other ridiculous things, wanting to abolish ICE, invite in the entire Third World, and stick you with the medical bills. That’s the choice they are putting before us, and America is going to choose borders.

Another way to ensure the president’s reelection is to pump up the Jussie-ing and push a whole new set of obvious hoaxes that are supposed to demonstrate the current reign of racial terror imposed by Trump (and, by extension, you). They probably figure they need something to distract from The Donald’s record low minority unemployment, and apparently they are going to go with fake hate crimes that everyone knows are fake hate crimes the second they hear about them. What’s hysterical is watching the credulous garbage media keep stepping on the same rake – you see the latest fraud flash across social media and you know it’s going to blow up in their faces and yet they go all in every single time…

This is totally going to be a game changer and get that mean old Trump! Oh wait, there’s video…and it shows…ummm…uh…oh. *sad trombone*

The Covington Kids thing turned out to be a fake vet faking his fake outrage…see you in court, media jerks! Jussie Smollett’s only potential post-exposure career choice left is to run for president as a Democrat, since that’s the last refuge of the loser. Hey, he’s certainly going be able to top Beto’s current 0% support, although in his defense Beto does have to struggle to overcome America’s shameful legacy of anti-furry prejudice.

We just had a hilarious meltdown in Georgia, where some Democrat state rep named Erica Thomas decided to jump into the express lane at the supermarket with more than 15 items, got called out, and then posted a YouTube video of herself crying about how this was the greatest racial injustice since the last greatest racial injustice. Such is the unholy hell of bigotry imposed by Donald Trump, which is quite an achievement for him since the world only discovered his secret dedication to white nationalism on the day in 2015 that he announced he was running as a Republican.

Of course, the media, pinko pols and the social media blue-check scolds instantly jumped on the bandwagon with their #IStandWithErica hashtag. Except the band was Nickelback.

So, in a turn of events that surprised no one who was not an idiot, the whole lie fell apart. The designated MAGA-Trump-White Guy villain turned out to be America’s only hardcore liberal Cuban. What are the chances? Way to pick ‘em, Erica!

She then backtracked on her spiciest claim, that the guy who hates Trump said she should go back to where she came from. Ouch. So, cue her supporters’ backpedaling. The hashtag disappeared, and even my clownish congressgoof Ted Lieu deleted his tweet in solidarity with Ms. Fakey McFakesalot.

You know, if you have to continually invent ridiculous hate crimes, maybe there just aren’t a lot of actual hate crimes happening and your whole premise that Trump has fueled an atmosphere of racist racism is garbage. Normal people see this, and again they face a choice – the liars and loons who push this nonsense or the guy who is inflating their 401(k)s.

And, of course, hordes of internet randos seem intent on adding their two-cents-worthless to the discussion. My favorite was someone on the Twitter machine calling herself “@LadyPaleRider” who opined:

Unpopular opinion: white people love dogs so much because deep down they miss owning slaves. They love the owner and master dynamic, desperate for something to control.

That seems like a solid, well-thought-through opinion that a normal person would express on purpose. Now, having been born 99 years after the end of the Civil War – which the Democrats started and lost – I was unsure how I could “miss” owning slaves. It seems unlikely that a longing for pet bondage could be some genetic archetype lingering in my DNA, as my family spent 250 years farming in rural Pennsylvania (not a slave state, history class nappers) and actually fought the Democrats in the Civil War. I consulted with Bitey and Barkey, my canine serfs, about this interesting perspective. Bitey barked at me and Barkey bit me. Apparently neither got the memo about me controlling them. Oh well.

This festival of stupidity only highlights further the stark choice America faces in 2020: Donald Trump or the preferred candidates of the lunatics who tweet stuff like that.

Our strategy as normal Americans is simple, and conveniently congruent with the Constitution’s First Amendment. Let them talk. Encourage them to talk. Beg them to talk. On TV. On the Twitters. Everywhere.

Talk, liberals. Say what you really think. Don’t filter yourselves. Don’t hold back. Share all your stupid feelings, your insane observations, your blatant lies and every single thing that crosses your tiny little minds.

Never stop talking, dummies. You’re going to keep Trump president forever.

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