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Yes, Millennials and Blacks do support Donald Trump.

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( My several days back and forth to the Apple Store to resolve issues with my computer and Apple’s new Catalina Operating System provided the experience I can use to remind you of the truth I have been telling to you for decades.

I’ve tirelessly repeated it: The single most important thing to understand regarding all mainstream news and journalism is that you believe what they’re saying at your own peril.

The media are comprised of liars and distorters of the news, that mirrors Russian “Agitatsiya Propaganda” better known as “Agitprop.” Agitprop was/is a Russian political strategy used to influence and mobilize public opinion.

Georgi Plekhanov introduced agitprop, but it was Vladimir Lenin who made it the institutionalized construct used by today’s media and political hacks masquerading as truthful arbiters of news. In reality, they are the modern-day version of the Central Committee Secretariat of the Communist Party.

Arnaud de Borchgrave died in 2015, but remains my favorite and most trusted journalist. He committed great effort to exposing the Soviet KGB-inspired style of disinformation that is practiced by the U.S. news media.

Two of the greatest lies the faux-news media prostitutes are the myth that all young voters are angry, support abortion, are ashamed of their white privilege and hate President Trump. The other great lie is close to the first and argues that all blacks hate President Trump, except blacks “who really aren’t black” as the oft-used pejorative claims.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Apple Stores are considered safe places for the led-through-the-nose liberal young people who are ashamed of their inculcated white privilege. Most of the president’s base wouldn’t dream of wearing a red MAGA cap into such a store – even if they were bold enough to wear one while cutting the back lawn.

Therein conservatives make their great mistake. They subscribe to the craven mindset that they’ll be attacked if they show public support for the president. Inside the Apple Store, several of the young people employed there made it a point to tell me they supported the president and “loved” my MAGA cap.

One employee reflexively rolled her eyes at me and grimaced as I entered the store one day, but said behavior caused me no injury. Pursuant to the faux-news-driven idea that all blacks hate President Trump and are the Democrats’ most reliable assets at election time, that too is a teeming crock of crapola.

I refer you back to my second and third paragraphs. The collective bureaus of agitprop skew polls and refuse to report anything that will shed the light of factual truth on their pernicious narrative.

The Pew Foundation is a rabidly liberal entity that enjoys high regard in the media realm. The same fake-news media quoting Pew Research polls, views reading the New York Times as an orgasmic, religious experience.

In March 2018, Pew Research Center announced their polling found that only 27% of millennials “they surveyed” during President Trump’s first year approved of his job performance, while 65% disapproved. Those are easy numbers to arrive at if the poll is weighted with Democrats and socialists.

Corrupt polling data remain one of the most instrumental ways to influence opinion. Remember the polls that had Hillary winning right up until she didn’t.

Writing for the Washington Post, Eugene Scott claimed that support for the president among young voters has diminished, because he doesn’t consistently devote attention to obstacles to building wealth. (See: “Trump is Struggling To Connect With Young Voters,” March 24, 2019.)

Scott is a former CNN reporter and skin-color whore who sees everything through a jaundiced melanin prism. Ergo, to the Washington Post, he is a proper Negro.

Apparently, Scott et al. missed the most important part of wealth accumulation. It’s having a job and markets that are favorable to investment and retirement planning. His kind also inexplicably ignore the fact that thanks to President Trump not only is unemployment at an all time low, but specifically thanks to his economic agenda unemployment amongst blacks is the lowest it has been in history. These aren’t dish-washing jobs. They’re well-paying jobs that afford upward mobility.

Take a look at the massive number of blacks in the most liberal enclaves of America who are podcasting and making YouTube videos. They’re solidly pro-President Trump. They’re broadcasting from inner city New York, Los Angeles, etc. and they’re making the points I’ve made for decades.

The media aren’t telling you about “Blexit.” Blacks are leaving the Democratic plantation in droves, but you won’t hear that on CNN nor see a truthful Fox News poll that points out same.

Nothing dissuades me from claiming that President Trump will enjoy as much as 30 percent of votes from blacks a year from now. It wouldn’t surprise me if he garnered as much as 33 percent on the high side.

I can tell you that young people comprise a huge part of the hundreds of thousands who have packed the venues where President Trump has held rallies. And they haven’t come away discouraged or disinclined to vote for him.

Every store I walk into in every state and country I have worn my MAGA caps, I have received favorable acknowledgments from young people and, yes, blacks as well.

Columnist; Mychal Massie

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