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Commit To Yourself.

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(  Commitment: a pledge, to bind, a promise, obligating oneself, engaging

Usually around this time we make New Year’s resolutions, we say we are going to do or not do something. Then we take the steps to begin; but all too often our resolutions end up falling by the wayside. For example statistics show that of the people who resolve they will lose weight on New Year’s Day, after one week only 75% are still keeping their promise to themselves. After two weeks 71% are still sticking to it, after one month the number drops to 64% and after six months the number is 46%, less than half.

            This is not to disparage anyone but we have to ask ourselves why we don’t do what we say we’re going to do? If we fail to keep our promise we often get down on ourselves, we feel discouraged and depressed; but there is no need for that. A resolution to change or be different requires not only saying it, writing it down but also envisioning ourselves doing it, seeing the results, committing and channeling our energy and resources to manifesting the changes we want to see or be in our lives.

            Commit to yourself; become actively engaged in your own personal transformation. Make it a top priority that you to do what you say and accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself in 2020. You are a powerful being, more powerful than you realize. You have will and volition, the ability to make your intentions known and to exert the energy and work to manifest them in your life. You can rise above past failures; you have vast inner and external resources available to you right now to change your life for the better.

            Everything begins on the mental and spiritual plane, in your mind. Your mind is not your brain it is far more powerful and expansive than your brain. Your mind is linked to the UNIVERSAL MIND/STOREHOUSE and you can tap into it at any time. Once you think and visualize what you want, infuse it with emotional power, but remember emotional power can be either positive or negative. Negative emotional power is fear, doubt, hesitancy and sluggishness. Positive emotional power is certainty, confidence, buoyancy and the feeling you are in the natural flow.

There will be challenges and obstacles because they are part of the process; they are necessary tests of your determination and are unavoidable. The only people with no challenges are in the cemetery.  You have to learn the secret to dealing with adversity and challenges. It’s not just about push and motivation you have to recognize and confront your challenges. Airplanes fly not only by the thrust of their propellers and jet engines but also by using wind resistance and atmospheric pressure to get and keep them aloft. Sailboats use both the wind and the water to move. Resistance will be part of your experience but you can learn to use and manipulate the resistance to your advantage.

Think about all the times you faced resistance but you persevered and achieved your goals or manifested your plans.  Success and failure are sides of the same coin. You can use both to propel yourself forward to eventual success and accomplishment. Do not be dismayed by failure or overly jubilant in success, life is an ongoing process. Stay focused on your goal, keep thinking about it, see yourself in your mind’s eye doing it successfully becoming it and being it.

 It will require a full fledged commitment, always remember you are more than worth it and worthy of your successes (plural). Instead of making a resolution, make a commitment. Make a commitment to commit to what you want to accomplish. It will be trial and error but you can handle it, you can make it happen. Become actively engaged in your life, take charge of your life, be the main driver and prioritize yourself.

You owe it to yourself, to THE CREATOR and the world to be the best you possible in 2020. Make the commitment.

Columnist; Junious Ricardo Stanton

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