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Sen. Joe Biden Is Finished. He Just Doesn’t Know It Yet.

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( Joe Biden is done. A year from now, you can see him at Costco selling his newest book, “I Would Have Gotten Away with it if it Weren’t for those Meddling Kids.” Of course, it won’t be as successful as Hunter Biden’s book, “How to Make Millions from the Comfort of Your Home” but it will be the first honest work for Joe in almost five decades.

The only person who doesn’t know he is finished yet is Joe himself, much like Hillary.

Predictions about Democrats are difficult, especially in primaries. They seem to be breaking every barrier lately when it comes to things I didn’t think they would ever admit openly like promoting the confiscation of firearms, arguing for infanticide, and letting violent criminals run free in the name of social justice. However, I’m going to crawl out on a limb here and suggest Joe is kaput. My confidence level for him losing the primary is about 51% and 99.99% if he makes it to the general.

On Monday, February 3rd, the first nail will be driven in Joe’s coffin in the Iowa Caucus. While primary polls may not be overly accurate, he currently trails Bernie Sanders in most Iowa polls. That’s right, the guy who was Vice President a mere three years ago trails an avowed socialist who, according to multiple reports, was so lazy that he got kicked out of his hippy commune for not contributing.

Sanders also leads in New Hampshire and is leading in the national betting polls in which I have more confidence than anything else. Admittedly, I don’t have a great record when it comes to making predictions about Democrat candidates because of things like super delegates and other functions of the Democrat machine that I do not understand. In 2016, I predicted that Joe would be the brokered nominee. I suggested that the party would throw Hillary under the bus for the email scandal disguising it as her leaving the race for another issue like her health. Thanks to Comey and Co. that situation was successfully avoided which incidentally brought us Donald Trump. Thanks J.C.!

I did successfully predict a Trump nomination when he first entered the race. I even asked a friend visiting Vegas to see if he could find someplace where I could put money down on a Trump win. That’s how confident I was. For the record, I was not an early supporter, but was still confident that he would win. With the Democrats, I’m marginally confident at best because there are so many unknowns and the actions of their base are very difficult to predict.

Let’s face it. There is not one Democrat candidate who is likable enough to appeal to the majority of Americans in the general election. Tulsi Gabbard might be the closest. Other than her horrible policy ideas, she at least doesn’t seem crazy. Something tells me that she could kick back a beer without being awkward and pandering. So far, she hasn’t told any stories about anyone feeling her leg hairs or required that her staff go through microaggression awareness training or claimed to be a Native American when she wasn’t. She also doesn’t stand a chance in the Democrat primary, so the point is moot. Herein lies the problem that the Democrats face: Their base has gone so far to the left that they will not elect a primary candidate who can beat Donald Trump in the general. If Joe loses the primary, this will be the biggest reason. He doesn’t appeal to the hard Left.

Biden may pander to the hard Left and repeat all their talking points, but they don’t trust that he really means it as much as Bernie does. Couple that with the hours of gaffes and hair-smelling footage available for the Trump campaign in the general and Joe doesn’t have a chance there even if he skates by in the primary. Biden’s largest base of support, union members, is not as significant as it once was. Many on the margins have been lost to Joe due to the Trump economy, coal policy, border issues, or other issues like gun control and abortion. On those issues Democrats prefer other candidates more or have moved completely to the Republican camp.

Much like Hillary, the more Joe is in front of the camera, the more he scares voters away. Like her, he expects to be coronated, but his heart doesn’t seem to be in it. His old boss won’t even get behind him. Voters see this. Bernie may be sincerely wrong, but Democrat voters see him as sincere and they seem motivated to vote for him. At the end of the race, the candidate with the most enthusiasm and momentum will win and that doesn’t seem to be Joe. But then again, I’m leaving out party machinations which is beyond my ability to predict or even understand.

I am confident in only three predictions: First, the Democrat primary winner will not be known until the very end much like in the Republican primary of 2016. Second, Donald J. Trump will annihilate the Democrat nominee in the general as long as we continue at the current level of economic prosperity and national security. Third, Joe Biden will join Hillary hanging out at Costco smelling hair and signing books for the fourteen people standing in line whining about how he was robbed. But hey, he’ll have a nice mansion to live in thanks to his immediate family members, Burisma, and American foreign aid funded by the American taxpayer.

Columnist; Steve Sheldon


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  1. Bogatabeav says:

    Steve Sheldon, a Right-wing, White, Conservative Columnist, telling African-Americans what they should think. I don’t know how this got through the editors, but he may not be the best choice for articles.

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