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Joe Biden leads rush to judgment in Georgia shooting.

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( “The video is clear: Ahmaud Arbery was killed in cold blood,” tweeted presidential candidate Joe Biden in regard to the recently released video of the February shooting death of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, Georgia.

In his shameless rush to judgment, Biden has taken a page straight out of Barack Obama’s Trayvon Martin playbook.

The page reads as follows: In an election year, ignore all contrary evidence and recklessly indict a white (or white Hispanic) in the shooting death of an unarmed black man in the hope of stoking up the black vote.

Biden is in good company. All the usual suspects have rushed in to the judgment game, from LeBron James to Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump to the shameless propagandists of the mainstream media.

To make the propaganda work, the conspirators have to portray Arbrey’s shooting as part of what Biden opportunistically called a “pandemic of hate.” James echoed the same conspiratorial nonsense.

“We’re literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME we step foot outside the comfort of our homes!” tweeted James.

In truth, the video is not clear at all. Far from a problem for Biden et al., the lack of clarity is a blessing.

In the best of all worlds for Biden, the accused shooter and his alleged accomplices will be cleared by the grand jury or found not guilty. An “injustice” of this magnitude will work much better on Election Day.

A letter sent by George Barnhill, the district attorney for the Waycross Judicial Circuit, to the Glynn County Police, explains why Barnhill chose initially not to arrest the suspects.

Wrote Barnhill, “It appears Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael, and Bryan William were following, in pursuit burglary suspect, with solid firsthand probable cause, in their neighborhood, and asking/ telling him to stop.”

As Barnhill explained, this was perfectly legal under Georgia law. Neither of the McMichaels was a felon, and both were openly and legally carrying.

William was following the McMichaels’ truck in his vehicle and shooting the video in question, an unlikely strategy for the participant in a cold-blooded murder.

“From said video,” wrote Barnhill, “it appears Ahmaud Arbery was running along the right side of the McMichael truck then abruptly turns 90 degrees to the left and attacks Travis McMichael who was standing at the front left corner of the truck.”

“A brief skirmish ensues in which it appear Arbery strikes McMichael and appears to grab the shotgun and pull it from McMichael,” Barnhill continued.

“The shot is through Arbery’s right hand palm which is consistent with him grabbing and pulling the shotgun at the barrel tip, the 2nd and 3rd wounds are consistent with the struggle for the shotgun as depicted in the video.”

The media are portraying Arbery as an innocent jogger. Barnhill thought otherwise. He wrote, “Arbery’s mental health records & prior convictions help explain his apparent aggressive nature and his possible thought pattern to attack an armed man.”

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert has been watching this case with interest. In his 2019 film, “The Trayvon Hoax,” Gilbert showed how Attorney Benjamin Crump allegedly produced a false witness to get George Zimmerman arrested for shooting Martin in what was transparently self-defense.

As in the Zimmerman case, the State has taken the case over from the local authorities and, given the media pressure, arrested the McMichaels for murder.

Based on the revelations in Gilbert’s film, Zimmerman is currently suing Crump and his co-conspirators.

“Here we go again,” says Gilbert. “The media haven’t learned anything. This is tragic that a young man lost his life, but the usual characters are rushing to judgment to exploit the victim for political purposes, just as they exploited Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.”

Columnist; Jack Cashill

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