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5 Ways Technology Can Boost Your Healthcare Practice.

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( If you think about what you are doing right this second, we’re going to guess it involves technology. Whether you are at work or at home, you will have some sort of device in front of you to use for your convenience. We believe that if you think about technology right now, artificial intelligence and smart hubs may come to mind, and when you think about the current healthcare industry, you’re thinking about a boring waiting room to sit in while you wait to see the doctor. Most of the time, we don’t blend technology and the healthcare sector but it’s about time we start.

From voice technology in healthcare to brand new, state of the art machinery changing the game for surgeons, technology is taking over the healthcare industry. While some are nervous of the idea of technology being integrated into medicine, it cannot be denied that technology is pushing us towards better, faster cures and easier ways to connect with patients. We are doing admin quicker, we aren’t worrying about penmanship mistakes because charting is done on tablets. So, whether you want to start the introduction of technology to your healthcare practice or you want to give your clinic a good boost, here are 5 different ways technology is changing the healthcare and medicine sectors.

Medical Blogs

Depending on the country you are in, people are not always able to afford good healthcare. So, they turn to the internet. Self-diagnosis is not always a smart idea, as the margin for error is so big. However, the chance to read real reports from medical experts and journals changes the game. A solid medical blog is going to be trusted, and if your clinic has one, you have the perfect way to create trust in your patients.

Automation Introduction

Has your dentist sent you a text message to remind you of your appointment yet this year? Yep, that’s automation in action. By using tools like automation, you can better connect to your patients and improve the whole healthcare process.

Fitness & Wearable Tech

You can use things like wearable technology to get an accurate read of medical data from patients. Things like counting steps to monitor activity and monitor heart rates can absolutely help your patients to be looked after from a distance. 

Efficiency In Admin

Medical information for patients is sensitive, and there is often a lot of it in a medical clinic. With the right programs and processes, you can streamline the way that you have your medical admin set up. This will ensure that you enhance the patient experience at the same time as improving your efficiency.


Being able to call your patients and assess over the phone can take a lot of time out of your day away from patients who need help in-house. People can see you without getting out of their sick bed, and you can even use apps and web platforms to video chat!

Staff Writer; Fred Poole

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