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President Donald Trump’s third term.

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( “What are you talking that nonsense for? You know he’s limited to two terms!”

It is undeniable that President Trump has received a very raw deal from the Democrats during the first part of his first term as president. Obama treated the nation’s intelligence services as his own private wiretap on the Trump campaign, and once he took office, on the Trump administration. Is that fair?

Secondly, Obama stuffed his close advisers into every corner of what would become the new administration, which really does make it appear that Trump’s first term was really Obama’s third term, don’t you think? That being the case, why is it fair for Obama to have a third term, while Trump was merely a figurehead during his first years in office?

Third, let’s not forget (just yet) former Secretary of State John Kerry. He spent much of Obama’s invisible third term jetting around the world, following the real secretaries of state, Tillerson and Pompeo, and cutting deals with foreign leaders in the shadows for when Trump would be removed as president, as part of the fake Russiagate investigation. When that didn’t happen, Kerry and Obama both continued lining up the dominoes for the Democrats’ 2020 candidate, who would, of course, win in a landslide (just like the last one). All part of a well-funded and highly dishonest shadow government. How is that fair to any new president?

Then there was the Mueller investigation, itself now the subject of an investigation for using illegal wiretaps (FISA warrants) funded by the Democratic Party and the Hillary campaign. Has any other president ever had to endure this? Then why should we allow it now?

“But it’s never happened before!” Of course it has. Franklin D. Roosevelt, a beloved Democratic wartime president, actually was elected to a third term (and a fourth). So it has happened. We have historical precedent.

If the idea of a third Trump term upsets you, try to think of it like this. Let’s modify President Bill Clinton’s approach, which he used in the midst of his blue dress intern pizza delivery Oval Office problems. If we choose that course, doesn’t it all come down to what the meaning of the term, “term” is? Is a term just simply four years, or is it the sum of its parts: the usual honeymoon time, then slowly decreasing bipartisan cooperation, which gives way to the beginning of partisan opposition and finally full-scale election-year resistance where nothing gets done until after the election?

Since Trump never had any of that normal new president treatment, isn’t he owed that now by the Democrats? And how can the Democrats actually deliver what they owe the president without extending his first term? Fairness is the only way. We must be transparent.

Let’s not forget, the Democrats seem very concerned by the prospect of voters voting at the polls this fall. There could be a recurrence of the coronavirus, or the Chinese could enhance it, making the virus even more deadly. Vote-by-mail won’t protect us, because the modified virus could attack primarily letter carriers, making it impossible for these people to do their job of collecting and returning ballots. The election would be thrown into chaos. Why would the Democrats not want to be flexible and avoid all this chaos?

Given these many concerns, it seems like the only prudent thing to do is to extend Trump’s first term by a few years, until the lockdowns, protective orders, vaccine tests and other cures are fully evaluated, so they can be offered to the public. Isn’t it really all about the science in the end?

Let’s not forget the riots in our major cities, either. How can anyone be expected to risk their lives by going out to vote, or expect letter carriers to risk their lives by walking through dangerous neighborhoods, collecting ballots? Insanity!

Yes, continuing on with the usual presidential election term just to adhere to an arbitrary, antiquated four-year electoral distancing campaign makes no sense. Clearly, the only thing that makes any sense under these circumstances is for the Democrats to apologize for their bad behavior during this first years of this first Trump term, demonstrate some long overdue bipartisanship, help the blue-city mayors clean up the mess they have made of our nation’s cities and let the everyone move toward healing from all this trauma.

Then, after the nation has healed from its wounds, we can safely have this postponed election in 2024. If Trump wins a second term in that election of 2024, the history books will correctly credit him with only two terms, along with a brief footnote that his first term was extended by the time needed for the nation to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

What could possibly make more sense or be fairer than that?

Columnist; Craige McMillan

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