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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s email to blue-state governors.

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( Dear blue-state governors:

On last night’s call I detected some concern about the amount of federal money coming to you to fund your state budgets in exchange for exploiting the virus and racial/police riots in pursuit of our goal of getting rid of Trump.

I will address the money issue, but first let’s step back and reexamine all the good work we have done to date.

Since March, we have had nightly calls that coordinate our attacks on Trump using the virus and now the racial unrest as our primary weapons.

We have coordinated closely with our media allies, the DNC, the Squad, Antifa, BLM, SPLC, the NBA, the NFL, Women’s Soccer, Soros, FBI, CIA, NSA and other groups that hate Trump.

All this builds on the anti-Trump measures we have already coordinated to fan anti-Trump hatred: the Kavanaugh hearings, Russia, Ukraine, impeachment, Stone, Manafort and so on. Not to mention all the Green New Deal, LGBTQ and “white supremacy” curricula we have loaded into public schools!

You all have performed brilliantly in our concerted plan to use the virus to hurt Trump.

You have shut down your economies, doing great and lasting harm to Trump’s national economy.

You have closed churches and kept them closed.

We are at over 40,000,000 unemployed! Let’s keep going! 50,000,000 by July 4!

BUT, you have ensured all state and public union workers have gotten 100% of their paychecks whether they are working or not. Remember where their political donations go!

You have agreed to keep your economies closed far longer than medically needed.

You have put sick people into nursing homes so that we can rack up more casualties and scare more people into compliance.

You have avoided using Trump’s hospital ships and tents.

You have arrested those small-business owners trying to reopen.

You have agreed to coordinate our reporting of another wave of COVID in late October.

AND – this is the best yet – you have scared people enough to let us shut polling places in November, force the use of mail-in ballots and thus let us work our voting “mail-in magic”! Remember: This is all about votes!

Now with the racial situation, you have:

  • Fanned the flames of racial unrest and manufactured an outstanding level of sustained rage, just as we planned. You make Obama and Holder in Ferguson look like amateurs!
  • Followed perfectly the script we developed on “All Whites Are Racists and All Blacks are Victims.” Notice how all the CEOs are on board!
  • Marched publicly for the media to see. Social distancing … ha!
  • Let your cities be taken over.
  • Told the cops to stand down.
  • Fired police without investigations.
  • Called for Defunding the Police.
  • Let looting proceed without consequences.
  • Released the rioters and looters without prosecution.
  • Ignored black-on-black crime.
  • Ignored actual crime statistics and the real story on the War on Cops. (I hate that Heather Mac Donald!)

You have done so much! Take a bow! We have really hurt Trump! He’s gonzo in November, and I will still be House speaker!

Now, some of you are concerned that you may have gone overboard, that your people are hurting and (worse) that your reelection chances might have been harmed. You say that you need more money from the feds. What about all that stimulus money I already gave you? Trillions! So how about a little gratitude! Yes, Trump blocked the latest $3.5 trillion I said I would get for you, but please, did you really think I was serious about the 3.5?!

So, yes, I’ll get you more money – the dumb Republicans like to spend, too! But please, man up for heaven’s sake. We are almost there! Don’t get weak on me now!

Looking forward to our call tonight. Same time.

Columnist; Bill McCusker



2 Responses to “Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s email to blue-state governors.”
  1. Robert Pena says:

    Madam Speaker, This is a national emergency!!!!!!! propose to the house to bring back the “the inherent contempt power” we must, enforce power to require testimoney that will help american opposition to Donald Trump!!!

  2. Robert Pena says:

    Madam Speaker, This is a national emergency!!!!!!! propose to the house to bring back the “the inherent contempt power”

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