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Dealing With Injury After An Accident? You Can Make It Easier.

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( According to a Global Burden of Diseases, Risks and Injuries study, back pain is the single most common reason for disability. It’s also one of the most expensive. It can be caused by a number of factors including illness, injury caused by someone else or something else altogether. If your back is hurting without any underlying medical conditions, then it may be linked to your lifestyle but if it was caused by an accident that you didn’t have any part in then of course you should look at making a claim which could help pay for your treatment. You should look at a lawyer such as Bey & Associates, LLC that will be able to assist you with your problems. 

Wear Better Shoes To Assist You: 

If possible, only wear heels for three days out of every week, and do some back stretches when you take them off. Look at the correct shoes that can assist with your back. Living with pain is impossible for most. It can not only affect your day-to-day life, but also your mood and psychological state. Being in pain everyday will quickly make someone depressed. It will also affect their general mood. Making them react violently to things that are small, and sometimes even ignore things that are big. Of course, this isn’t your fault and so looking at flat shoes that have good support will assist you with your posture and ultimately aid with your back. Avoid high heels.

Reason Two: How You Sleep

It seems almost unfair that your sleep habits might be contributing to back pain but this is going to assist you in general life even if you haven’t been in an accident. If you’re not supported when you sleep, you’ll drive all the pressure through your spine. This is a particular risk if you’re a side sleeper. The best solution is to use a mattress toppers guide, which are designed to keep your spine stable. Also consider a V-shaped pillow with one side of the “V” running down your back, for extra support. There is no need to exacerbate the symptoms of back pain, it’s good to focus only on how you can assist. If you have injured your neck in any type of accident, then a neck pillow for added support could be great. 

Reason Three: You’re Hunching Forward Over A Computer

If you’re still working after your injury, you may want to get into a position that’s comfortable, and let’s face it, most of us use our computers without a care for anything else in the world. If you have a habit of leaning forward, then every time you use your computer, your back isn’t happy. When you lock into this position, it affects the blood supply to your spine. Even if you use a desk, if it requires you to lean forward, you could have a problem and cause muscle aches and spasms. Using a computer leaning back is not always possible, but do it if you can. If not, try and move every 15 to 20 minutes to give your spine a chance to loosen up. Ensure you use a lumbar cushion for back support as this is going to really help. Any type of injury to the lower back may also affect your upper back, so it works in conjunction with each other. 

After any type of accident, it will also affect your mental state and so it is vital to talk things through and look at how you can make yourself feel more normal. Here is a little list of things that you can do to ensure that your mental health is not taking a nosedive at this time: 

  1. Give yourself time. Any difficult period in your life needs time to heal and it’s OK to be down. You should look into any type of online therapy or counselling to assist you if things get too tough. Nobody should be living in fear after an accident. 
  2. Talk to someone about the accident. It may be a friend, family member or someone you feel comfortable with. 
  3. Look after yourself – This means spending time with people you love, having a bath, enjoying hobbies, these key elements will ensure a speedier recovery.
  4. Take some time for yourself and do a hobby or other enjoyable activity such as gentle sport. Swimming can be a great activity because it isn’t too taxing and can help the muscles but talk to your doctor about what sports are best for you. 

Staff Writer; Mark Parker

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